SoCS: Knot again!

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word knot was the quote I had earlier posted, which tells the meaning of the word marry or even the expression ‘tying the knot‘.

You may have heard the word ‘marry’ as a nautical term. It refers to the sailors’ practice of matching two ropes together to give them greater strength as one.

In my language, when they find a person too roguish in nature, they say that (and I translate it to the best of my ability) it is time for that person to have a nose ring attached. Its another way of saying that they should be married off. It does not mean that they should be tied to a pole 🙂 Nose rings in animals are used to control them and I have no idea how marriage is viewed as a way to control one’s character. If a person doesn’t want to be changed, all efforts including a marriage comes to  naught and the only side effect of that kind of marriage would be that you end up putting another person’s life in trouble too.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “naught/knot/not.”  Use one, use ‘em all… you know the drill! Have fun!

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SoCS: I am an Albatraoz

I really need to share this. So, here is a crazy song I heard the other day. The lyrics actually don’t make much sense at all. Its … I don’t even know what to say about it. Kiddish ? But then the beats of the song is so cool.  Total EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I couldn’t help shake my whole body to the beats. I love the piano bits especially. And then I got a little curious about the word Albatraoz. We know that albatross is a sea bird, but what the hell is albatraoz. The first hit in Google was for the Urban Dictionary link. If you haven’t seen the descriptions/definitions of a word in Urban Dictionary, you should check it out. Total crazy , insane stuff out there. So here is the top definition for an albatraoz.

to be an albatraoz is to be a strong woman, …..

Really? I did leave out the other part of the definition. But actually, it is nothing but the name of the band. Since I was already there, I checked out a few more and here are their top definitions 😉

I  – A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell.

Eye – If you need help figuring this out you need help.

Aye – Scottish way of saying yes.

Someone did not have a snarky definition for ‘aye’ huh ?

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “I/eye/aye.”  Use one, use ‘em all – just make it yours. And have fun!

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5P’s of SoCS

Ever since I lost my pet (a dog) to pneumonia long time ago, I have vowed not to have any more pets in life. I was with him in his last moments and that still hurts.

Now that summer is officially here, my mom makes sure that there is always water in the earthern pot used only during this time. A natural refrigerator.

It’s been a while since I have been home with my nieces. I forgot how much my second niece’s pat‘s hurts. She apparently puts all her energy into it.

Sometimes I feel that I am pitted against time and I am losing the battle.

I am putting in as much effort as is possible to accomplish my plans for the near future and I know life isn’t fair but I am still hoping for the best.

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Memory Quirks

No wonder humans and the functions of a human brain is so complex that we can never figure out fully about how they work. Especially the memory part. It is not like a hard disk in your computers where its a WYSIWYG (what you store is what you get). Sometimes I wish I had a Pensieve (like in Harry Potter series). Makes it a lot easier. The other day I was thinking about how I can recall all the car’s license plate numbers of my friends (because we generally car pool when we are out and about during the weekends) but I can’t remember any of their phone numbers. If I lost my phone, I would struggle a lot. After so many years, I have come to remember my sibling’s and parent’s number and for any emergency all I can do is blurt out a number of my family, who is not in the same city. Similarly, I am pathetic with birthdays. Again because they are family, I remember their’s. Otherwise, I don’t remember any of my friend’s date of birth. Since they are awesome, they remind me a day earlier and I add it to my calendar 😉 Sometime back I had been to a bank to draw a draft. There is a new rule that a draft can be issued only for an account holder, of which I wasn’t aware of, but luckily I did have an account with that bank. The only problem being I hadn’t used it in a long time and it got deactivated. When they asked me for the account number to activate the same, I wasn’t able to recall it. But when I took a pen and a paper, I was able to write it down correctly. That was strange. How can I write something down when I can’t actually recall it to tell it out loudly ? Its been more than a year since I used that account. Memories and its tryst with numbers, I always end up dumbfounded with these.

SoCS: Let it go!

One of our close friend got obsessed with the song ‘Let it go‘ so much that he would sing those three words every freaking time for every freaking thing. If we complained about traffic while in the car or about a bad driver , he simply would start singing ‘Let it go, Let it go, …’. That was just one incident. In fact we used to hear those three letter words almost 10-15 times per day. It almost made us dislike that song not to mention the annoyance when he sings it off key. We would literally beg him to not do that but that is when he would again say, ‘let it go, let it go, my songs never bothered you anyway’. We tried ignoring him, but to no effect. So when we found the ‘Honest Trailer’ version of the movie (if you haven’t seen those, you should, they are so funny 🙂 ) we made him watch it and he liked it. So we sort of convinced him to replace those three little words with the new three letter words, ‘Get it out’. Phew!


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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “go.”  Ready, set, GO!

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