Eye in the Sky & Foster Jenkins

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the movies I have watched. It is because I haven’t seen one in a long time. But I compensated for it by watching two over the last week.

Eye in the Sky:

When we had a choice as to which one to choose among the currently showing movies, my friend and I picked this one. Both aren’t a fan of MCU so we skipped Civil War. I might watch it sometime later just for the star cast. And we were glad by our choice. With a very powerful star cast in this too, I did not have any doubts about the performances. I wasn’t very sure about the plot. Since I just read a small synopsis and not the entire story, I was wondering if it would become too dull with ethical and moral issues discussed and such sort. But it was brilliantly executed. I am not going into the story or anything but it was a very powerful drama. RIP Alan Rickman. It was quite funny too in many places with very well placed one-liners. Loved it.

One of our friends treated us to this movie to share her joy with us.

Florence Foster Jenkins:

I love Meryl Streep but to be very honest, I loved Hugh Grant in this movie a lot more than Meryl Streep. Her performance is amazing no doubt, but that is her norm. She does her part very well that you forget that it is her and it is Florence you are hearing and it does annoy us from time to time when she sings off key. That says a lot about Meryl’s acting. But I have never seen Hugh Grant in such a role. A little bit gray but still very lovable. The actor playing McMoon was hilarious and had me in splits every now and then. It wasn’t a very great movie as such, but it had very lovely performances by the artists. We both chose this only for Meryl Streep and she did deliver it for us. We did wonder if we were going to hear that voice in our sleep that night and thankfully, I promptly forgot about those songs. Don’t know about the rest of them who watched šŸ˜‰


For the love of Meryl Streep

I am a HUGE fan of Meryl Streep. Huge (can’t emphasize that enough). I hadn’t seen ‘August: Osage County‘ last year because, well….there is no specific reason, just thatĀ it got missed and I wasn’t in the mood for some intense family drama as it is evident from the trailers. Finally got around to watching it. Oh my freaking god!!! What an intense movieĀ it was. But some very fine acting…. No wonder I LOVE Meryl Streep. That woman..and her acting skills… so much variety. And my other favorite Julia Roberts.. Whoa!!! some very fine dynamics between them. I am not going into the movie storyline or anything of that sort. Am not in the mood for that. The heat is really getting to me I think. Ellen in one of her shows did say that you gotta watch this movie because it would either makes youĀ feel good about your own family or at the leastĀ you would be able toĀ empathize with them šŸ˜‰ That much is true I should say. I liked the screenplay and the acting. And with so many fine actors in this (even though Benedict Cumberbatch hasn’t much of a role) you can’t go wrong.

Here is one of the Ellen’s show with Meryl Streep which I was checking out yesterday and was laughing out so hard. I admire that woman so much. The way she did pull off that teenage thing so so so well, Hats off to her.