If in case you aren’t aware, the pingbacks aren’t working for a lot of people. I know that Linda did mention about it a day before. Today is the usual photography challenge day and there is a message on their home page with more information on how to get around to it. Basically, just comment on their post with the link of your post. That’s pretty much it. I have also found that using the appropriate ‘tags‘ also helps. I, for one, tend to search for posts using tags. So don’t forget to tag your post with the appropriate tags when you are participating in any of these weekly challenges. And don’t forget to search using those tags too. Happy Blogging!



I was so hungry on my way to my gym. So I stopped and got a chocolate called Albino. It had two chocolates in a small packet which was wrapped with a message, to my surprise. Never seen them so far. I have no clue as to what to make of them (both messages should have been for someone in a relationship apparently) but it was so nice to see them.

Lady Love

One of my friend had been to the Comic Con recently held in Bangalore and got this card for me. It was so sweet of her and I was so glad to receive it.


And she had a message for me written on the back of the card

Love has no limit nor validity…
No age or date
Just a warm feeling that makes you ponder if you would be there forever or always!
Let your love blossom!!!



3 Picture Quote

img2"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that *** reflection.”  ― Lady Gaga