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WPC: Creepy


Isn’t this fellow creepy enough? (Taken in Hyderabad Zoo)

Or what about this fella? (Taken in Wax Museum in Barcelona)

Atleast this one ? (Taken in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, It was a clothes shop)

AWAW: Arid

This place called Guachimontones was very arid and dry when I visited it. arid_guachimontones

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – Playa del Carmen

Part #6: Playa del Carmen & Tulum



When I was in Mexico for a month in Guadalajara on an official visit, I took the chance to go on a mini-vacation to the Mayan Pyramids in Chichen Itza and Tulum. I stayed in Playa del Carmen and even though I didn’t have time to actually visit and rest in a beach (because it was raining by the time I came back from my trips to Chichen Itza / Tulum for all the three days I was there). But I did get to the beach in the morning one day and it was so empty (it was near a hotel) and the sand was so different from the ones I am used to in California/India. And since Tulum is located near the sea and is based on the second largest barrier reef it is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g to see them. You can see more pictures of it in my travelogue. I would love to visit Cancun + Playa del Carmen once again and this time only to experience the beaches there.

WPC: Community

When I visited Guadalajara, Mexico, I went around the Catedral de Guadalajara place which has this square before it. It is a great community place for people to gather and relax. I like such places because we don’t have one in our cities. Hope this qualifies for this week’s photo challenge.

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