SoCS: Switch on that damn indicator

Indicator – There is a reason that the vehicles have them but out here hardly anybody uses it. I freaking hate it when people don’t switch on their indicators before making a right turn. How much work is that going to be. It should be part of the muscle memory just like switching a gear for godsake. Especially the autorickshaws here, they sort of own the road. They twist and turn and drive in any direction they want. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with an urge to nick their vehicle just like that, especially when they turn and almost get very close to my vehicle just because I didn’t have a clue as to what they were going to do without that damn indicator. And the other worse part is when they don’t switch it off after they have turned. When will these people learn? I will end this post with one more entry. Mickey Mouse dons a new avatar. Yup. He and his folks are now in India in a brand new avatar. This new avatar was revealed on Mickey’s birthday , if I am not wrong. And guess what! He is riding an autorickshaw. Here have a look. All is well…

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Mickey Mouse – kid’s style

Ever since I have been at my home town with my parents and brother, I had more time to spend with my nieces, especially the first one who is nearing 4 years now. She loves Mickey Mouse very much. Today I tried to draw Mickey’s face on the slate which she was playing with and it came out OK. I am not good with drawing and stuff. I can copy something but still very average in that aspect. When she saw that, she was so happy that she asked me to do the whole image. I told her that there wasn’t enough space in the slate. She looked at me like I am crazy and she took it upon her to complete the picture by adding Mickey’s legs and shoes. I was surprised by her presence of mind. The image was suddenly transformed into something else and I love it (I might be a little biased here…but still). Kids always amaze me each and every single day. I am glad that I got this time with them even if it was for my ankle recovery. IMG_0896