Tuesday Tunes

I don’t need to know

Do we need to know where we are going? Looks like someone doesn’t need to know it, especially when there is some strange connection happening šŸ˜‰


Heard this song as part of an advertisement (forgot which one). And thanks to hisĀ old bollywood classic remixes I started following his music in sound cloud and found this song in his latestĀ album. Its got a catchy tune isn’t ?

While I amĀ that person who would like to know where I am going, I do feel this.

Iā€™ve got a feeling, got the feeling

Something good’s gonna happen


Bollywood Classics with a Twist

Do you like remixes of old classics ? I do, as long as it is done well and withĀ a little bit of jazz and beat to it without spoiling the essence of it. I grew up listening to lot of old Hindi and Tamil songs. Imagine my surprise when I found out this album by Mikey McCleary called ‘The Bartender – Classic Bollywood with a Twist‘. I gave it a try and to my surprise found the whole album fun to listen to. Hope you enjoy listening to them too.

My favorites of the lot:

Happy Friday !!!