Color of Mistake

I kept one utensil for my tea and another one with water for my boiled egg and switched on the gas on both of them without even thinking, without realizing that I should add water for my tea in that utensil. And it was on high flame. After a couple of minutes, I woke up from my mental slumber and realized that i had no water in the utensil, so ran to it and switched it off . I gave myself a mental kick for burning another utensil down until I found this beautiful color and pattern. Then I wished I could have let it burn for a minute so that it would be fully done. Sometimes I get that physical itch when things aren’t too ordered (not to the level of becoming OC) and I really wanted those extra gaps filled and the center circle to be fully blue. Even though this does look good, as patterns go, that would have been awesome.


I am a multi-tasker. Whenever I can I try and do multiple tasks at a time. But today, when I wasn’t fully awake and already grudging the demo I have to do, mentally scolding my manager (he is an easy target..all.the.time) I shouldn’t have thought of making tea and boiling the egg at the same time. Well, what’s done is done. I have the reminder of my mistake and I will remember (when I am not admiring the colors) to put water in that utensil which is my go-to one for making tea. But I really really love that color.

Always a mistake

This was a truly open ended prompt because it let me think of so many things to write. But then finally I settled on something I wanted to post ever since I came back from Brighton.

When we went to Brigton on 28th May 2016, it was in the middle of the Brighton Festival that was going on in full swing. So there were events going on everywhere. In the Royal Pavilion there were doing some installations and some hindi song was playing on in the background. We were wondering what it was all about. We know that the Royal Pavilion was turned into a military hospital for Indians during the First World War. But was it some kind of commemoration that is going on because of the completion of 100 years since the place was used as an hospital?

We saw a small section where people could write something for all those people who were treated there, who were part of the war, or who just wanted to leave a simple message to everyone else. Later I figured out that it was part of an event and I quote “An ambitious new project inspired by a remarkable story of the First World War, Nutkhut’s Dr Blighty remembers an unexpected episode in Brighton’s history when the Royal Pavilion Estate became a military hospital for wounded Indian soldiers” Here are some photographs I wanted to share from there.

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