A-Z Book List: A for Alpha(s)

When I read about the  A-Z April blogging challenge, I thought why to wait for that long, why not do an A-Z challenge about the books I have read but haven’t written anything about? I am not sure if I can cover all the letters (have I read any book with the name starting with Z ? I am not sure) of the alphabets, but I can surely try. At least, I will try and finish one book before the day for that letter is due.

Not all the books are paperback or hardcover. I have a collection of e-books too. So it will be a combination of all. If it is a paperback/hardcover, I will try and post a photograph of it. So, without further ado, let us start with A. (Note: I am going to ignore the articles in the name and include only those books that I haven’t already talked about)

Name: Armed and Dangerous by  Abigail Roux

Genre: Gay Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Crime, MM Romance

No spoilers


It is the fifth book in the Cut and Run series. Story about two alpha males (it feels very weird say this word for a contemporary romance…but these two protagonists do behave like that… so I guess it’s ok), Zane and Ty, who also happen to be special agents and their fifth story about capturing and bringing a guy back and in the meantime they also get involved in fighting the bad guys and each other too. Their chemistry is too good. I loved the whole series. Over the series, their relationship evolves, they learn about each other, being in the same job doesn’t help either, neither does being shot at in each and every book case. One of the few MM romance series I liked and continued to finish. I finished 8 books some long time back. Haven’t got around to the 9th one yet. It’s just not them in the later books. They are joined by their friends and their partners too. That is why the series keeps growing I guess. But I do wish they would limit the series to the maximum of 4/5 books? Too much to keep track of and finish off you know.