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I had to keep repeating this throughout the movie, Moana, to my second niece and to my nephew who wouldn’t keep quiet and kept laughing out loud and making comments about Maui (even though I had to translate half of the dialogues from English to Tamil) But they all loved the movie, so did us, elders. It was totally fun and very well made. The songs were very good. I couldn’t help but keep picturing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson whenever I saw the Maui. I didn’t have enough time or space to actually analyze the movie, given that my niece and nephew were constantly asking me questions and keeping me busy and I was given the task of translating the very difficult scenes too. But I am sure they enjoyed it given the fact that they wanted to go back home and watch the songs again on YouTube. That sure is an indication that the movie went down well. And here I was being super skeptical about the movie when I booked it for them. It was a good day overall.

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