SL-WEEK 15 : Communications

Sylvain’s theme for this week is Communications.

Remember when the mobile phones came in, how they were used only for communicating with one another through speech. Now its used for all kinds and modes of communication, speech, text, photographs what not. All in a span of a decade and world seems so much smaller because of those. I still remember having my first Siemens phone which sort of looked like a huge walkie talkie (I think I recently gave that to my niece to play with) and was too heavy to carry around. Now its all about slick design, as much features as possible (even if we don’t use half of them) etc. But one thing for sure I am happy about is its ability to photograph. What an easy way to capture some beautiful moments in life. Quite handy I would say.


Taken in Bali during the Kechak Dance performance in Uluwatu. There was a lady before me who was trying to take pictures through her mobile phone. For some reason, I like taking photographs of people picturing something through there mobile phones 🙂 I have done this a couple of times with my friends. And I was glad that I could get the focus correctly in this even before she was done with her photograph.

Tagging this post for Julie’s Photo Week Event for this week.

On an impulse

Finally got my new Moto G 2nd Generation phone configured from installing the important apps , configuring the custom ringtone, to setting one of my photograph as the wall paper. Even though I have installed the Instagram, I am yet to create an account. This is my first ever phone that is bigger than the size of my palm and is greater than 10k. Even though I did change phones after a couple of years, they were very cheap ones which weren’t built to last long and were strictly used for call purposes only. My earlier phone started giving trouble with the battery and it was a pain to type in it because the size of the key board was too small for my bulky fingers and it was hanging most of the time or got restarted automatically. I didn’t plan on buying such a big phone especially this costly, even though my friends have been suggesting Samsung S3 to me (one of my friend even tried to persuade me to get one almost 2 years ago when she had got it and found it very helpful). It was on an impulse I decided to buy this one. Let us see how it helps me. I have got the WordPress App installed and could type without too much effort. When my colleagues asked me if I will installing VPN so that I can check official mails and work from it, I said ‘Hell No!’ I have boundaries for my appliances. Except for my official laptop, no other device of mine will be used for official purposes (except may be attend official calls in my phone). I just hope and pray that this phone doesn’t come to any physical harm (due to my clumsiness) and that it is safe in my hands.