A curved line is the loveliest distance between two points. – Anonymous

Valley of Two Lakes

About 3 hours drive from Dunmanway is a place called Glendalough (pronounced as Glen da Loch), a place known for its monastic settlement. If you visit that place you will know why it is a perfect place for a monastery. So much peace, so much calm, so much nature. Ufff! It was so beautiful. There are also trails you can hike depending on your stamina level. And the place is huge. We decided to go on the long walk around the place upto the upper lake and then walk back. Again close to 3-4 hours to visit the whole place. This place holds a special place in my life now 🙂 Would definitely go back if I get another chance and may be next time, will try one of those hikes too.

Kevin’s Church
The monalithic Round Tower
Lower Lake
Upper Lake
Towards Upper Lake
View on the way back from Upper Lake
Lead Mining site on the way to Glendalough

Ready to enter ?


This is a unique structure in the entrance to the Monastery of San Juan de  Los Reyes in Toledo. Was checking on the meaning of the entry there and found it here

Putasne mortuus homo rursum vivat? cunctis diebus quibus nunc milito, expecto donec veniat immutatio mea.

And from the translation given there, I guess this is the one, 

Ah, if the dead might live again! Then I could wait willingly enough, all the time of my campaigning, till I were relieved at my post;

Wonder who it was !!!

El Escorial – Spain

El Escorial – A day trip from Madrid to the Monastery and it took the whole day. Most of time we couldn’t photograph anything inside so here is a glimpse of what is on the outside.

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