The downside of being a procaffeinator (found that word through a Grammarly tweet) is that to get that early cup of coffee from a restaurant or cafe when all you have done is just woke up and realized that the house is all packed up and you can’t  heat anything up and you need that coffee to even go out to do anything, even if it is to get that cup of coffee. Urgh…. I need my coffee now!!!

Mood ring

In Fort Bragg, I was upset that the Skunk Train that runs from Fort Bragg was cancelled because of maintenance work. So I went to the shop and got a mood ring (among other things for my nieces) for self. It came with a color chart which tells you which color indicates what mood. It was fun to see the changes in the color. I generally don’t buy any ornaments because I hardly wear them, but I wanted this one, just for fun.

As soon as I wore it for a few mins, it started to change color. Cool isn’t 😉