WPC: Fresh

Have you tasted cocoa fresh from a fruit? Tastes so nice. Got an opportunity to taste it in Chikamagalur during our plantation visit.


Fishermen in Alibaugh working for their early morning fresh catch.IMG_3468

Nothing beats the fresh air of the mountains during a early morning trek. This was taken during my first trek in Wayanad.

WPC: Serenity

For this week’s photography challenge: Serenity

I associate serenity with these

empty quiet beaches where I can listen to the waves and see the sun set over the horizon


walking through those beautiful and lush mountains and feeling as if I am close to those clouds and getting drifted by those winds


and the green fields across the country side which gives you a better view of those stars than the city.


Wordless Wednesday


Pune Trip – Sinhagad (Lion’s Fort)

The final place that we went to was Sinhagad. Originally it was planned that we will do the trekking from below to the Fort above (estimated at around 40 mins or so) and I was promised that it would be an easy one. But since we weren’t sure of the place we used the GPS and it took us directly to the entrance of the Fort. I was the only one who had a huge sigh of relief and thanked the GPS (I was not very sure of the trek what with my knee giving me problems). But to compensate that, the walk around the Fort was for almost 2.5 hours. It doesn’t look like it at first, but then when we kept going the path never seemed to end at all. It was a huge circle and it was on the top of a hill, so we could see the range of mountains and other hills for a very long stretch. Here are some photo’s from that place.

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