AWAW: Technology

For this week’s word challenge: Technology

The unattended automatic choreography of musical fountains, like this one in Bellagio, Las Vegas, is possible only because of the recent technological advancements.

FYI: This was designed by WET  and if you want to know how this works check this nice post here.



This product of technology helped me travel down to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon , West Rim for a leisure ride. What an experience.


and finally, a section of the Caledonian Canal near Fort Augustus


According to this article “Constructing a canal in the early 19th century was an immense undertaking and this one was difficult, not least for its remoteness, the aggressive ground conditions, the harsh climate and the largely unskilled itinerant labour force. However, canal engineering design and construction was significantly advanced with the Caledonian Canal through use of such technologies as horse-traction plateways and special wagons, and steam-powered pumping and dredging”.

Hope you enjoyed my take on the word challenge this week.