Your Predictions for the New Year

Are you one of those people who read daily astrological predictions ? I am. May be because I have an astrologer in my family or may be I am just curious as to what they say. I don’t mind reading the daily predictions and of course forget it the moment I start with the rest of the work. I just don’t let it rule my decisions or my daily activities. Long run, yes I am more bound to take the precautions if things are looking too bad. Even if I don’t the astrologer will sort of force me to do it 😉

So with the New Year and all, there are lot of these predictions coming up for each sign. We have two signs to follow. One Sun Sign, based on the date of your birth and one Moon Sign based on the star on the date of your birth. But generally we get to see only the Sun sign predictions online. Moon sign predictions are not considered by many because you need to know your star. Then there is this Chinese Zodiac. After reading quite a few of them (sun, moon and chinese), these are the highlights for my 2014 year’s predictions.

Health – Should take care more as there are high chances of falling sick. I have to really really careful it seems. OMG!!! not again.

Work – no procrastination or else I will face the wrath of my seniors. Hmmmm… I am currently doing that!!! Less blogging and more work!!!!

Love and Family – for currently singles, keep the option open and don’t rush…. Ha ha haa.. this is the only nice part I heard till now. I am in no rush, please take your time because I ain’t looking for any 😉

It sure is fun to read these. Wanna try and let me know how it goes for you ? (This has links for both Sun sign and Chinese)

Have a great day ahead.