Come come Barbie

Last weekend I had been to my niece’s birthday. She is turning 6 and I wanted to be there for that milestone 🙂

And for some reason, that I cannot fathom, she wanted a Barbie doll cake (just like her sister’s last year) (groans). So she got herself a huge Barbie doll cake. I should say it looked very good and tasted amazing too. Inside it was Butterscotch, but outer layer was all cream (and too sugary)

She also got a variety of gifts and mine was obviously related to learning sentences 😉 The one with Moghli (from Jungle Book) is a carom board on one side and various snake and ladder games on the other. It was too cool. After the cake cutting we all sat down for a game of carom (while the birthday girl rummaged her Barbie gift pack) and then joined us for some snake and ladder games.

I don’t know what she wished for, but I wished that she overcomes her crazy Barbie admiration by next year. I wonder how and from where she got the love for all things Barbie!

All about the names

In our community, it is a normal practice to use the grandfather’s name for the son’s and grandmother’s name for the daughter’s (the grandparent being the kid’s grandparents obviously). I was named after my grandmother (father’s mom) but then people younger than my grandmom can’t call me using her name (would seem rather disrespectful isn’t? Well, not in many other countries, but here, trust me, it is very disrespectful) so they had another name for unofficial purposes (aka to call me by that name at home, where my grandmom might be around) Later they combined both the names and now I am mostly known by my household name which sort of became my ‘name’ (both official and personal)

Keeping in with the tradition, my brother (who is named after my granddad) named his daughters the same way. The first one is named after my mom, and the second one named after my sister in law’s mom. Both short and sweet names. But at home, they are called using different names (which are also very short and sweet). And no, they haven’t combined both names to one. They don’t go that well together. Mine was the only exception. So today my brother went to book train tickets (for their annual vacation to my place) at the station (he found it was getting very tedious to do it online, so went to the station to get it done….took less time and less effort to get it done there). There he had to fill the form and in that, there were two names which were similar but the ages were quite different. One was 5 years old (first niece) and the other 65 years old (my mom). The person who was at the counter looked at my brother and goes like, ‘are you sure this is right?’ And took his sweet time to hear my brother’s explanation about the family names and such and finally was convinced and booked the tickets. I am sure the person who is gonna check their tickets is also going to have the same questions (or probably not, if he is having his granddad’s name for himself). And guess what, both of them got concession: one was underage (full tickets are assigned to people of age 6 and above), so only priced for half a ticket and the other was too old so, priced for half a ticket (being a senior citizen and all).

I have heard of people using the same names and adding suffixes like Jr, or Sr, etc., but what about in the case of women? If for example, you use the same name as your grandmom’s or mom’s? How do you differentiate when you talk about two women in a family having the same name. Haven’t heard of Sr or Jr associated with them. In our cases, we never assign Sr / Jr even to men, so it hardly matters and we do have two names for a single person.

Too much to handle, sometimes

When I had been home for Diwali holidays, I had some fun times with my nieces. Especially my second niece (almost 4 years), who is a terror of our household. She is smart, funny and unmanageable. One day, she was not letting her sister do her homework and was pestering her, so I decided to take her out for a drive. Since it was raining cats and dogs and had gotten pretty cold outside, I asked her to wear a jacket. The one she wore was a little large for her size…and she was fully covered in it. (She did look a little funny 🙂 but couldn’t let her know otherwise she wouldnt wear that) She also had a monkey cap (aka balaclava) on. Once she was ready, she checked herself in the mirror and asked , if she looked too much like a monkey. I was holding my laughter and told her that she looked just fine and if she wants a drive, she should hurry. When we parked and started walking around the shops she started talking non-stop (which is her usual mode nowadays) and a couple of people passing by saw her and smiled at her. She looked at a few and then looked at me and said, ‘those people are laughing at me , arent they ? I do look like a monkey…dont I’ I told her that it is just her  imagination and to take her mind out of her attire, took her to a near by shop for her to choose a chocolate of her choice. And she ended up taking two Dairy Milk chocolates and refused to share it with me. Guess she wanted to make up for her ordeal related to her attire.

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Reactions to my tattoo

I have been here at my parent’s place for a week and a half now (because of my mom, who broke her leg last week and then a small part of her spine bone this week). My nieces saw my tattoo for the first time and the reactions were very amusing 🙂 First it was “Wooowww!!!”, next came “Oh my God! I am afraid to touch it, its gonna bite me” and then it was “is it still there? Can I touch it? “.

Their teachers always draw a ‘star’ on their palm if they did good at school for some classes. And that goes away once they wash it off every day and the next day they look forward to getting another star which they come and show with so much pride. So they thought that this tattoo was also like a star and became a little too enthused about it. My first niece got into her head that I have been drawing it in my skin daily (because she found it shiny , and it was because I had just applied Vaseline on it thanks to the weather which is too dry) and took it upon her to rub it off my skin. She rubbed it for sometime and once the Vaseline was coming off, she thought she succeeded too, then lo behold, it was still there. She then thought for a while and asked if I had applied any cream. When I laughed and said yes, she was sort of relieved as well as disappointed 😆 And then everyday they would ask me to show my tattoo. Yesterday my second niece decided it was time to tell her daddy (my brother, to whom I hadn’t updated about my new tattoo wondering what his reaction would be) about it and his reaction was totally anticlimatic. I was expecting a big sigh, a lecture etc etc… but then he did a 180 and said that he also wanted to do some on both his biceps once they get a little more defined (thanks to his gymming which is becoming quite an obsession with him now) To say that I was shocked was an understatement. My family did not react the way I expected them to with respect to my tattoo. My mom just shook her head and went back to her work. Something is clearly wrong! 😯



I wrote this post but figured that this would fit this weeks SoCS well and after a long week and a journey, I am taking an easy way out too 🙂

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JigSaw Puzzle

I like solving the Jigsaw puzzles and does my nieces. I got this three set Penguins jigsaw puzzle for my nieces and nephew. One set for each and then all three can be combined to get one landscape picture of the penguins.
When I went home this weekend, they were playing with it and they managed to get two sets together. My nephew was interested in his train set.
This is the first part of it.
And this is where both the halves come together.
It is quite nice to see how they evolve slowly and steadily. My second niece especially is very interested in it. But she doesn’t like it if the pieces are too small. It was fun both to solve and to watch them solve it.