Optimist/Pessimist – More confusions

Continuing with the Glass Full or Empty thing that I had posted earlier.

Remember all these are just fun. You can go and check the test, get your score and then continue 🙂 . I am not going to go into some deeper level discussion on these topics, even though I might be inclined to do so later. Today its gonna be light (because I am working and I am just plain tired and need a break in between and I may or may not make enough sense).

Did you know that there is a term called ‘Optimistic Pessimist’ and ‘Pessimistic Optimist’. I tell you, the urbandictionary.com  has definitions for everything. Even your name. My name (original name) had some pretty bad definitions (apart from some good ones). So this is what it has to say about the Optimistic Pessimist:

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.
Optimistic pessimism is a great way to live your life, because you can’t lose.
It has many meanings such like :
– taking a precaution to prevent a near death experience
– level of optimism
– they see the cup as nor half full or half empty as to them it is constantly filling whilst constantly emptying
– for a good thing to happen a bad must follow and vice versa
For this they have an example there which is quite nice actually considering the facts there.

Now I am confused, I know I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I come in between these two. But this is where it gets confusing with these new terms.

Now with my score in the previous post : Optimism: 67 Pessimism: 58 , should I be considered Pessimistic Optimist (I got more score on the optimism right?) or should I be considered an Optimistic Pessimist because I believe in Hope for the best, but prepare for the worse. I even have that written in my diary some long time ago. What do you think.

Two words and the permutations and combinations of these two has reeled me in today. Sometimes I wish I was smart enough like this.