<Classified as Rant>

Today I had to come to office a little early because my internet stopped working and I had a real bad work day where I lost almost 3 days of work (unsaved obviously, happened after a long long time but at a very bad time of course). So I did not have a choice other than to come to office early and try to get back on track. One comfort is I was able to blog side by side (I am little bit better in multi tasking). But when I checked with the service provider about the status of my complaint now(they are well known for almost zero down time) , they informed me that there has been an unplanned outage. The day just keeps getting better. Because I have to be in office late so that I can finish off my work and then go home to read and sleep. Suddenly I feel like I will be going to an empty place. When did having an internet connection become some sort of a make-you-feel-at-home thing ? I don’t know.  When I was on vacation I didn’t feel the need for internet or phone. In fact I was the only one who did not get data connection and who did not use the minutes in my plan at all. I made only one international call the whole two weeks. But here , at home, its sort of crippling to not have the internet. I have loads to do other than work (which I don’t over do, but my official work is always open and I sit and complete some whenever I feel like it). For e.g. I could pick up the big novels I have been postponing because I cannot read them in between work , cleaning up my house (more of throwing away unwanted items and making sure I have only what I want), may be cook something for myself … If I think, I will have lots to occupy my time.

They have promised that I will get my connection by tonight or maximum by tomorrow morning and I hope they do that because tomorrow I have a late night call which I don’t want to attend from office, because I have to present something. I cannot do that without any internet connection and not to mention that lost work which I have to recover by Thursday. Oh God!!! Some weeks are just too much to handle.