AWAW: Mural

Here are some mural’s I came across in Spain

Glow in the dark

On Saturday, after watching the movie ‘Happy New Year‘ (a few words about this movie will come at the end) we went to this art cafe called DYU as suggested by one of our friend. She is a regular there. It looks like an old Kerala styled house and I just loved it. It was raining very heavily hence couldn’t take much pictures of the place (next time hopefully). They had paintings all around which is said to glow in the dark. And some of the painting were kept in a closed space we were trying to take pictures of it and seeing that the owners switched off the lights for a better view 🙂 Here are those (taken with my phone camera). And the food there also was very very good. Very fresh and tasty. IMG_20141025_174927974IMG_20141025_174945145

Now the above painting in the dark.IMG_20141025_175110182

I particularly loved this piece.



And now a quick word on that movie. Granted we went only to have some fun, but seriously that was very badly done. We did laugh at some stupid stuff but it was because we did intend to do it.  The whole heist is taken in Dubai and Hotel Atlantis is so beautiful especially during the dance competition. Very average story. I was surprised by Abhishek Bachchan though, to be honest and I have always liked Deepika Padukone. She has danced very well in this too. What I really loved in the movies ? The final credits part, not because the movie ended, but I like how Farah Khan gives credit to each and every single person who contributed to the movie, right till the drivers by making them appear even if for a few seconds.

WPC: Work Of Art

OK, Let me try with my take on all things Art

a) Isn’t a Graffiti also an Art ? I love the creativity in this.



b) People busking in the streets of Madrid. It is a real Art , I would say, to stay like the statues for almost 10 minutes without moving (that is as far as I watched them and then got tired of waiting on them to move)



c) On a street in Barcelona, near the Cathedral. I kind of liked it. Isn’t this Art too ?


d) The usual form of Art, sculptures (didn’t want to be left out)


e) And finally a painting


So what do you think ?

Picturing the Paintings

During my trip, there were a few museums that we visited and there were quite a lot of paintings we got to see. But most of the museums had a no-camera policy. But a few I could click from Cathedrals and other museums (where sculptures were primary). I couldn’t capture the painter’s names though.

Something about bringing out the essence of a painting in a photograph always intrigues me. Am I doing it justice or injustice by caging them within my camera lenses ? – I am never sure.






“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.” 
― Orhan PamukMy Name is Red

A Word A Week Challenge – Context

Context– This week’s word photo challenge. Its slightly tricky. But here are my images. Can you guess the ‘Context’ in them ?

These are the photographs of paintings from the Vatican.