It’s been a busy week

This has been quite a week. A good mix of downs and ups (in that order). At least as it comes to an end, there is some good uplifting news. I am now officially a member of a voluntary project called Code Club, where the focus is to get children involved in the process of coding and computing with simple and fun-filled learning and projects. Since it is right up my sleeve, I decided to try it out. Yet to officially start any volunteering in it, but at least got the basics of it down and met other volunteers in a meet-up.

Sometimes some things happen when we least expect it. Getting a patent is one of them. After filing for the patent through work, I literally forgot about it and last year got reminded of it when another colleague got their patent awarded for another project. No one knew the status of the one in which I was involved and no one was ready to inform me of the status even though they were kept updated. I was furious for a while and then life happened and I forgot all about it until this Thursday morning. I get a mail saying that I have got a plaque for my patent. More than happy, I am content that my effort has been rewarded. And having a patent in your CV doesn’t hurt at all.

Dechox is going on better than I imagined. For some reason, I haven’t had the urge so far. I hope it stays that way until the Easter. I am sure seeing all those chocolate Easter Eggs in the supermarket is not going to be tough on me. But I will survive 😉

I am physically and emotionally exhausted at this stage of the week and it isn’t over yet. Got a lot to do and I have to give my 100% to it all. Keeping fingers crossed and praying for strength from every source.