Wizardry object profiling in Muggle world

I have always thought of my blog and to a major extent the hard disk drives or any such storage device as an example for Pensieve. According to Pottermore’s fact file on Pensieve,


Memories can be siphoned into the basin to be recalled at a later date

To clear the mind of certain memories; to examine memories at a later date; to show memories to a second party

That is precisely what we do over here in our blogs, at least, I know that I do it over my travel blog, so that I can revisit my travels anytime and reminisce about those moments.

Do you have any other example that can fit with the fact file of Pensieve?

Now that, that is out of the way, let us see one more object profile from Pottermore. It is the Marauder’s Map.


Shows the location of any person or ghost on Hogwart’s grounds, isn’t fooled by an Animagus or an Invisibility Cloak




When I saw this I was reminded of the Google Location services,  even though it isn’t exactly the same but still very close in concept. Do you know that you can login to your google account and enable the location services and can share your current location to people whom you chose to share with. They will be able to know the exact location of yours, irrespective of the latitude and longitude. The only difference is that it is a bit secure than Marauder’s Map because you select the people you want to share your location with and not just any random stranger (even though I think they can if they hack it a bit , I guess…every such thing has a hack or a loophole).

What do you think? Anything else resemble the Marauder’s Map for you?



SoCS: Memory Mesh

Memories…I always thought my blogs and my posts are my Pensieve. For people who don’t follow Harry Potter series, it is a sort of a stone bowl, big in size which is used to store memories for reviewing it later or to just clear your mind of those to be able to see things fresh. Sometimes our memory of some thing might makes us a little prejudiced doesn’t ? And I used to associate Pensieve with a hard disk, you know, where we can store the files only to retrieve them back when it is required. The concept for both is the same. Dont waste space on your current disk with old one data unless and otherwise they are required for your day to day activities. Rather retrieve / recall them as and when required.And my blogs are also the same way. Especially with the travels, I tend to forget the details of it, like what was good in that place, how I enjoyed, what funny thing happened. I don’t have a very long memory. So I decided to pen them down and have it recorded both in photographs and in text so that I can go back to them whenever I feel. And its amazing about how much data our brain can store which we call it as memory and how much can be retrieved from it, only if we try to do that. I don’t put too much effort into recalling stuff. If it is on the top of my mind, then fine. I don’t dig deep. I might be lost in the abyss. That leads me to another thing, nostalgia. I am not a nostalgic person, especially with respect to my school or college days. I don’t want to go back to my college or my school and look at those buildings and refresh my memories of how those times were. I would rather remember some very old song which I used to sing and start singing about them. And I do have quite a lot of songs memorized. Because there was a time I used to sing a lot every day in school and colleges, just for fun. And my dad asked me to write them down and remember them by heart if I wanted to go beyond my la la la for the songs. Apart from 3-4 diaries of songs, I can recall quite a lot of them, mostly hindi and tamil songs even now. Do you think that we can edit memories in such a way so that we only remember what we want to remember ? just like in Inception ? DiCaprio says something like that isn’t. I believe we can. I haven’t tried it out. But logically if the memories are just bits and bytes that gets stored in the human computer called the brain, then it should be possible. Isn’t ? But if I have to picture the way our memories are stored, I think it would look like a mesh, wouldn’t it?  And one final thought about  memories and I will end this, because I think I can go on and on. I just remembered the song by One Direction, Midnight Memories. Until the recent years, I have never been awake after 10 pm. And so I don’t have many midnight memories. But the one I have of recent years is the most fun one. I was treating my friends for dinner and then my close friend suddenly had this urge to go on a long drive (might have been the influence of the 3 drinks she had) and we all agreed and we went to have icecream first at 11 pm and then went on for a long drive in Mysore Road to have a cup of coffee in a Coffee Day at 2 am and then drove back and reached home by 4 am. It was fun. 

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