Breaking Point

Watched the movie Point Break (2015) this weekend. I had seen the earlier version of it with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves and I definitely liked it. This new one is no close to that one in terms of story or screenplay. But visually, it gave me goosebumps and that is the only reason I went for this movie. I did not expect any grand story line as such…but in many places where they weren’t doing stunts, it was pretty slow and the chillness in the theater did not help one bit. We were freezing not because of the water waves and the surfing that is part of their stunts but from the regular a/c in the theater. Most of the stunts earned gasps and aah’s from the woman next to me (not my friend, who was seated the other side but a total stranger) and of course from me too 🙂

OK, I might go with some spoilers because trust me you won’t be disappointed by it at all! The two stunts that really gave me the high pressure were the surfing in that big wave (got goosebumps just thinking about it…hey, I love the sea and all, but when Bodhi shouts ‘isn’t she beautiful’ looking at that HUGE wave… I am like ‘yeah, on the screen, she is’) and the one at the end, where they do the rock climbing at Angel Falls in Venezuela. Pretty Wicked, they were. The soundtrack was good. Unless you wanna see those stunts on a big screen I am sure this is not worth the effort of going to the theater.

Here is a video of people doing some awesome stunts. Enjoy!