“What a great thing, to be loved! What a greater thing still, to love! The heart becomes heroic though passion…if no one loved, the sun would go out.” 
―Victor Hugo Les Misérables


*I was sitting in a railway station and the sun was shining high and bright. And suddenly I had this crazy idea to try to see it through my hand so that I could get the ‘starry’ image of the sun. I think it came out well, especially since I had to get the view in my left hand while trying to see through my camera and click it using my right. Edited it a little with Photomatix Pro

Processing a Landscape

While going through the pictures, I saw this one and remembered the reason I took this. The varied colors. So I thought I will try to use this single picture and apply the HDR processing using Luminance HDR software I had installed some time ago. Since I am still unaware of lot of parameters associated with it, I gave a go with the various options and got this one close to my liking.

Landscape - Segovia
Landscape – Segovia

And then I played around a little more and I got this one 🙂

Processed Landscape

And then with a new equation, it gave me this one


Now I am like a kid in a candy store 🙂

But my favorite is still the first one, even though the 2nd one looks good for a spooky set with all those branches coming out very well. The third one is just too nice and soft for my liking.

And then again after sometime I tried it with Photomatix Pro for Tone Mapping and this is what I got. And now I sort of like this too. That is why I don’t like too many choices 🙂



Do you have a favorite among the three ?  what do you think of the fourth one ?

PS: For Earth Day yesterday, I shared a few photographs of mine in Google+ (a first for me). Just testing the waters.

Mirror Mirror on the wall….

The only reason I don’t process my images (except for rare crop/I’m feeling lucky in Picasa) is that I am very lazy to learn the nuances of the software and the techniques. But today I downloaded the trial version of Photomatix Pro (its a trial version and hence the watermark) and tried to edit two of my recent images. Here they are.

With respect to images related to nature, I prefer them how I see it without enhancing them much. So in this case, I like the original photo.



But when I tried it on a man made structure (like this very old abandoned Church in Goa) I liked the modified version somehow which is giving a surreal quality to the place.



Which one do you prefer? Which do you think looks better?