Wordless Wednesday


Basilica of Bom Jesus

This is the photograph of the Basicilia of Bom Jesus when I had been there a couple of years ago. There were making some renovations to it. It is a UNESCO heritage site in Goa, India. It is also the place which contains the remains of St. Francis Xavier. Recently got these photographs polished a little bit using the trial version of Photoshop. I really liked the color temperature of the first one.

HDR-ing the Orion

This Saturday my friend and I went to the third largest mall in Bangalore, Orion Mall. It’s on the other side of the city, which we don’t usually visit (because of the distance and traffic) and so we decided to stay back after lunch to see the lights. I had my wide angle lens with me for this. It sure is a huge mall and there are enough spaces around where you can really spend a whole day if you want to.
When the lights came, I was glad, because it really looked different and beautiful. Was double glad to see those water works. Tried a long exposure for the milky effect on the fountains.

Wanted to see how the various HDR toning effects in Photoshop (limited trial version) would look on this and here are the effects 🙂





Love is consistent passion to give
Not a meek persistent hope to receive