Looking forward to fly


With my fear of heights and my claustrophobia, I used to think that I would be afraid to use flying as a mode of transport. But it turned out the other way. I absolutely love flying. That closed space yet open enough  to go around, all those different people with different background and culture with lot of stories floating in the air, all those in flight entertainment, the occasional jerks, turbulence which increases the adrenaline and prayers – there is something to be said for that. I do get leg cramps sitting for those long hours and I am not a person who would get up every now and then, but when every one goes to sleep and its quiet inside, there is an eerie calm. Seeing the land below from above the clouds, as if you are close to a different world, the sun rises and the sun set that are so different from the way they look from the ground – they have their own beauty. Even though there are enough scary stories out in the world to discourage one from getting in the plane, I have never felt any anxiety or fear of flying. I don’t know if it is good or bad or weird but I am so looking forward for my flight tomorrow early morning. And to have a safe flight.