Wordless Wednesday

Unfurl me!!!

While I was reading Maggie’s post on the word prompt for the day ‘Unfurl‘, I found this fellow looking at me. When I look at him I always think that he calls me for help every day when that single jasmine vine gets tangled around his neck. Until now, I didn’t realize what that cry was. Now I think it must be ‘Unfurl Me!!!’. I remove it every single day but somehow that single branch finds its way back to his neck. I will help him shortly, but do you think his cry for help might be using the word ‘unfurl’?

Wordless Wednesday 

Flowers & Buds

Gather the flowers, but spare the buds. – Andrew Marvell

PS: Double Exposure photograph of withered jasmine flowers and fenugreek buds from our home. We finally got around to having a couple of pots of flowers and herbs, even though there aren’t much space left in our studio apartment 😉