When the earth smiled

“The earth laughs in flowers.” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. But I guess this time, with very few variety and quantity of flowers I saw in Kaas Plateau, I think it was more of a smile.  (If you happen to visit India during Spring and/or if you are interested in flowers, you should consider visiting this place. Absolutely gorgeous)

Finally I got to sort the photographs of the flowers and identified their names (I had photographs of the boards too). Here they are.

This one is called Utricularia Purpurascens, a sort of Bladderworts



This one is a little creepy. Doesn’t it look like a frowny face to you ? This one is called Murdannia Lanuginosa



This one was in abundance there in Kaas Plateau. And absolutely lovely. And it is called Eriocaulon Sedgwickii commonly known as some kind of Pipewort.



This is a very common one around here. We call it balsam and my mom used to have it in her small garden. It is called Impatiens Lawii.




This one, I didn’t find any board and hence couldn’t figure out what kind it is. And this was the first time I was seeing this flower. In case you figure it out, let me know.



The last but not the least, the most common one I found in Pune and nearby places was Senecio  Grahamii, which looked like a mini sunflower to me.