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I have started work in a private school and things are going great. Finally, I have become someone I have always wanted to be. A Teacher. And I am really enjoying it. I still have some work to do on the Primary side of teaching. Learning on the job has always been my way and I am glad to do that here too. I have loads of help from the other teachers and that is a great help.

That leaves me with less time to do something like blogging 🙂 I still manage my occasional photo posts. Once the term is over, you might see a barrage of posts from me 😉 During the weekend, we are going to the yoga class and I am glad of my progress there. I am now in a position where I can do a full plough pose without the fear of falling over or jerking back up. And that is a huge deal for me. When I started these courses in March, I wouldn’t do it at all. I was so scared….but I knew that if I took my time to progress slowly and steadily, I will get there….My next attempt is for crow pose and then I would move to head stand. I am not holding my breath on that though 😉 Head stand takes the last priority for me. Among all the yoga classes I have been to, I like the Sivananda’s Yoga much better. Their way of teaching is slow and relaxed and you feel much better after the classes. I am planning to keep up with my practice even if I do it only a few poses a day.

I wanted to write about how I feel leaving one industry for another, but that will have to wait until the term end.

Lot has happened worldwide in these couple of weeks. Terror attacks close to home…don’t know what to think of it. We were in Windsor and Eton that day when it happened. It was so sad and so despicable. Trump is getting more stupider by the day. Cauvery water bed is dry and the water problems in Karnataka and TamilNadu doesn’t seem to cease. Not to mention the elections and the way it backfired. We had mock elections in the school and it was fun to see the way the kids campaigned and the results of the elections were totally different from the real ones. On the brighter side, India is through to the next stage in Champions Trophy, even though I didn’t bother watching the match (Mr M did though 😉 ) We tried to get tickets for yesterday’s match, but it was way too costly and we weren’t sure of the weather. Next time sometime. My nieces and nephew have gone to the next grades…they are growing so fast.

I do have photographs of Windsor and Eton to post, but they are yet to be processed. Will do that shortly. We liked Eton more than Windsor. And nope, we didn’t go to the Castle. I am not a big fan of Castles or Palaces. Been to one too many in Spain.

I am slowly and steadily catching up on the posts. I might have missed a few during the last couple of weeks. Will try and get to them soon. Until next update, Happy Blogging and fingers crossed for better and good things in the world.

Voices: Change and progress not always the same thing

My two cents on the Voices series by Glenn.

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Editor’s note: I once had a couple of million regular readers, but I sense those numbers are down by a few hundred thousand, thanks in part to my recent stream of politically charged material. I just can’t seem to help myself, so I’ve decided to seek some outside assistance. Voices is a new occasional series in which Americans express their feelings in the wake of the presidential election and what many perceive to be a drastic change in course for America, and not for the better. Today, we’re again stepping outside America, this time to India.


I am not sure how many of you know me, but I am an Indian woman, currently residing in Bangalore, who isn’t very much interested in the statistics of politics, but definitely interested in the impact it has on the common man. In India we follow a parliamentary democracy, and for…

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1 ($ or ₹)

I usually don’t get much about Politics and don’t write about it much either. But the U.S Elections has been very difficult to ignore. Apart from my worry about what it would mean for my gay Indian friends who moved there and are happily married now, it has been a source of constant entertainment through the daily shows for me. I am sorry about that. We, in India, go through these emotions (of feeling let down and deceived etc) pretty frequently. So we try and see the fun side of it as much as possible. At least I do. But one recent news made me laugh out loud.

Trump says will take 1 dollar as salary with no vacations

OK, dude…You are not as original in this as you think. We in India have done and dusted this thing in the past and we all know what that actually means.

Jayalalithaa earned Re 1 salary, but amassed Rs 66 crore: Karnataka” and this case is and was the hot topic and it is still going on.

I am not sure what these people think by making such statements and how do people actually believe these politicians when they say that is beyond my understanding. And something like that from a businessman is to be taken with the amount of salt found in the oceans of this world.


All about the beef

It is a tricky word to use here in India, what with all the #BeefBan and all the jazz that is surrounding that. (In short, in India, especially in Maharashtra, they have banned Beef. Check the news article for more details if you are interested) And I am not going to go into the subject at all. I don’t really care. But I am not sure how well it will go for the future if these kind of bans keep coming on.
This video by Shaze called #AgainstLabels sort of talks about all those that are happening in the recent times. Not a good thing actually if you see it from a social angle. But then…I never understood politics nor religion and definitely not the people who make these kind of decisions.

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