WPC: Endurance

For this week’s photography challenge: Endurance

My father’s guitar notes from his guitar playing days (around mid 1960’s), which has endured the movement of cities, of houses, of places , of hands and still it survives with some fray’s. And I think it will also be apt to say that the song that is listed ‘Whistling Jack’ or ‘Per Qualche Dollaro in Piú‘ has also endured the test of times in the music world and is still one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard. IMG_2802

The Golkonda Fort, built around 945 CE-970 CE has endured many wars and still the steps and the minars are accessible and used to climb to the watch tower.


And finally, the Leaning tower of Pisa, built in 1173 AD and still standing may be not exactly straight, but still tall after enduring the test of times and troubles.



AWAW: Hole

For this week’s word photography challenge: Hole

Hole in the goal post of the Mayan Ball Game.

This is the loop through which the ball should go and the first captain who scores wins (they play with their hips)
This is the loop through which the ball should go and the first captain who scores wins (they play with their hips)

The hole in the Black Chasm Caves

Say cheese

“Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.”
― Karen McLendon-Laumann


Captured when these kids were playing around in the temporary stage erected for the performances during the Ganesh Chathurthi festival at my friend’s housing community. They were so happy to be photographed. It first started with the kid on the right. I was watching them play and when he saw me I smiled and he reciprocated and went about playing. When I was contemplating if I should take one casual picture of theirs, he turned around. When he saw that I was ready with my camera he got ready with a pose. He then urged his friends to join him too.  And yes, I showed their photos to them and got their ecstatic approval.

I realized that I am growing to enjoy capturing their beautiful smiles and their enthusiasm. I might have to do it more often and whenever I get the opportunity.

Update: I posted it on Thursday night IST time, and when I saw today’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I realized that I could use the post for the same. So here it is, republishing it for this week’s Photography challenge theme: Humanity.

WPC: Adventure

Adventure: This week’s photography challenge theme and here are my entries.

In Nevis Range, Fort William, I decided that I would go to the top on that cable car, alone. When it started and not even 1/4 of the distance covered, there was a blizzard and the cable car started to shake very badly. I decided to forgo my courage and called up all the Gods (whose names I could remember) to come and help me out of this. While coming back down I made sure I had some company. Some adventure that was and my first encounter with a blizzard.


Climbing that hill in Chitradurga, without any support except for those small carvings in the stone made for placing the legs – Nothing short of an adventure and no, I did not try it. Two of my friends did and in this picture they are almost at the top.


and finally, the one and only trekking I ever did in my life in Wayanad, and I am not sure if I want to do a repeat performance, because it was not only an very unique adventure for me, it was also an unforgettable one for the guide who came with us, because I almost pulled him down with me in the steep climb down, when all he was trying to do was help me get down. And that happened not once but thrice. adv3

WPC: Dialogue

For this week’s photography challenge: Dialogue


Shucks! I am so scared. Damn this thing.
Phew! What a relief to be on the ground. Now, I am ready to take on these people. Let them just try.

PS: I had these photos ready to write a story later anyway and this week’s challenge happened. It also comes on a day when we celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi, a Hindu Festival in the honor of the Elephant-headed God Ganesha. I like the timing 🙂