A-Z Book List: E for Emma

I am a huge Jane Austen Fan. I think it is a given for any romance book fan. Pride and Prejudice is one of my very favorites. I have a huge book which consists of all of Jane Austen’s novels and it is the size of a pillow. No one is able to hold the book and read it without getting carpal tunnel. I wasn’t clearly thinking straight when I ordered that book  🙂

Coming back to the book of the list.

Name: Emma by Jane Austen

Genre: Romance, Classics, Historical Fiction


As much as I was awed by Elizabeth Bennett, I really wanted to strangle Emma from time to time. For her overbearing attitude and spoilt ways. I am a very emotional reader, so no wonder I got so pissed off her that I ended up giving 2 stars in Goodreads for this book 😀 It is a good book. The author wanted to show us what such a girl can do to her own life and that the lives of others around her. And she does come to her senses but still. I also have watched the BBC series for all the Jane Austen’s novel adaptations. They are really very well done and I enjoyed them as much as I did the books. One of those rare times when the book and the TV series gives you equal pleasure. The actress in that brings out the Emma of the book so well.

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