Issues, Solutions, Views

Issue: A lot of voting frauds and hacks happening.

Solution:Let’s all go the old-fashioned paper ballots.

My view: I totally agree. I never liked those electronic voting machines anyway.

Issue: People with black money are depriving the nation of its growth

Solution: Let’s start using the old method of lesser denomination notes and coins.

My view: Either go cash-less or go coin-full 😉  I am going cashless btw.

Issue: Sitting and working for long hours is not good for health.

Solution: Either get a tall table to stand and work or a small table to squat and work.

My view: Standing sounds better than squatting. Squats for workouts is tiring enough as is.

Issue: Pollution is causing breathing problems for people (especially in Delhi)

Solution: Start cycling or horse riding

My view: Horses are not that easily available and there isn’t enough fodder to feed them anyways. So let’s go with a cycle for now. That makes me fondly remember my cycle which was brutally murdered and parts were stolen.

Issue: Modern agricultural methods are harmful to the soil and the food cultivated isn’t healthy enough.

Solution: Go to organic farm methods or old age manual / mechanical methods with organic pesticides and manure

My view: As long as it is not the pills that I have to eat to sustain myself, I am ready to work on a farm to earn my food, if it comes to that.

I guess 5 is enough for today. I am already tired for the day. Rest will come later sometime or may be never 😉

Friday Findings 

Found this display in a restaurant this afternoon.