The day that went by

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. Too many things happened. I get tired today thinking about it. All good news, though 🙂 I got a new laptop in my office because the old one was out of warranty. When I had to copy all the contents from the old one to the new one, is when I realized how much junk I have accumulated over the 5 years of using that laptop. Irrespective of the fact that most of the content are in their respective folders, there still were enough stuff lying around everywhere and I didn’t know where to categorize them. It was almost the same effort as vacating a house. I took three days to get things backed up, find out the programs I had installed and installed them in the new one, make sure I am set and nothing is left out etc etc. Phew! And then I realized that as of yesterday I completed 13 years in this company. Again, Phew! Looking back it doesn’t feel like it even though the journey had its own ups and downs. It’s going to be very weird for me when I leave it. But I have been here when I have to be, have enjoyed myself, worked smartly and hard enough. The journey will go on and it might even take me to more exciting places, who knows 😉 Am I looking forward to it? Of course, Yes!

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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Futurism

This week’s theme of Futurism threw me in for a loop. Wasn’t sure how to actually picture it. So got around to playing with some of my photographs and again ended up doing a double exposure using Pixlr and got this photograph.1-futurism.jpg

This is a double exposure of a photograph of ‘The Hive’ taken at the Kew Gardens and another photograph of a shelter I took in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion. I was glad that those two photographs went well with each other. Looked like one of those machines you see in those alien movies ? or something close to that at least?

I wasn’t that convinced with the photograph to use it as is for the challenge. So used PhotoMania to create a couple more effects. These, I loved. Whether they represent futurism or not, I leave that upto you 🙂



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Give it to me!

There is a Hindu tradition of falling at the elders feet to take their blessings during special events and occasions like birthdays, marriage, festivals etc. There is lot of history and science behind it. I will add some references in form of links later if you want to know about it. But what also happens is that once we fall at our elders feet and take their blessings, they give us some cash. No idea why and when that part of handing money became a part of the tradition. Cash in form of 10Rs note, when we were kids, which used to be a huge amount at that time. But that was only for our birthdays. For other events, it would be a 1Re coin or such. We were taught to save it or use it wisely. It has been so long since I have actually taken someone’s blessings by doing a pranama. But I don’t like people falling at my feet to take my blessings. During my brother’s & sister’s marriage when they were made to fall at my feet to take my blessings, I almost jumped a feet away. It felt so odd. That deed should not be done just because I am an year and half older than them. When I was at my brother’s place last time for my first niece’s birthday, she did her pranam to my parents (her grandparents) and was handsomely rewarded with cash. Seeing her get some money, my other niece and nephew also did the same and demanded cash. 😆 So when they were asked to do pranam /namaskaram (as we call it in Tamil) to me, I told them that it wasn’t necessary. ( I have had enough of people falling at my feet and not for the right reasons 😉 ) My second niece looked at me and said, that is alright, you can just give us the cash and get it over with then.

Some references:

Why Do We Touch The Feet Of Our Elders?

Touching Feet Of Elders: Mere Tradition or Science?

Science Behind Touching Feet In India


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WPC: Weight(less)

Can you see how the slaves are sitting down after carrying the palanquin for so long?

When you fall from above, you feel so weightless, at least until the parachute is opened.