SL-Week 3: Kezako

When I saw Sylvain’s challenge this week, I was intrigued. Well, the word is ‘Kezako‘ which means ‘what’s that’. Now I should post an image which would make you ask exactly that. So here it is.
Can someone guess ‘what’s that’ ?

It is a close up shot of something I own taken in a slightly different angle. I did edit it a little bit in DPP to give it an edge.

If in case you want to see the original, please click here. Can you see the actual part which was used for the challenge?

Find the human ?


Saw a lot of street performances and busks in Spain. This one was a little tricky. We were trying to find out which one was human or if both were and we were checking  for a long time and almost gave up but finally I got to see it just by fluke.

So here is the question. Which one do you think among the two is human ?