Knocked my socks off…

Not the socks again! I just recently had a huge discussion with someone regarding that. So this person told me about Christmas Stocking and I go ‘isn’t that the same as a sock?’ and well, it started with that and it went on and on for sometime and we decided that we will call the sock which is big enough to hide presents, as Christmas Stockings. But then I ended up with the doubt, how is that different from a normal stocking ? Because the normal stocking is almost knee length right ? So why do we have something looking like a sock, but called a stocking.
And then there is this another question that came up. Why does a sock, of all clothes, represent freedom to the elf Dobby in Harry Potter? You know, I never thought of that at all. A sock is as good as any other item, as long as Dobby is set free, at least according to me. But is there really a reason for using a sock ? I recently saw an article (when I was trying to figure the answer about the socks) where the author explains how important a sock is in the whole of Harry Potter series. There are one too many references of socks in it. You can check out the article here. Is there really any particular reason that the gifting of socks is that important during Christmas ? Is that in any way related to the freedom that Dobby associates it with? Let me know, if you know answers for any of these 🙂
And Happy Holidays everyone!( at least for those who are gonna enjoy the holidays from Christmas to New Years )

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Will you answer these weird questions ?

I saw a link somewhere which listed almost 100 interesting questions to ask someone to get to know them better. Honestly, i don’t know if I will remember the answers if I ask someone or if those answers will actually reveal much about the person.

Then I thought, why not pose some weird/interesting (at least to the one who asks the questions)/fun (depending on the answers) and see what kind of answers come up. So here is a list of 10 questions. Would you be so kind to respond to those either in the comments or in a reply blog post ? You can also post your set of 10 weird/fun/random/interesting questions to others and see what kind of answers you get 😉

  1. Do you remember any of your dreams ? If yes, tell me your weirdest dream!
  2. Is your second toe longer than the big toe?
  3. One question you always hate to answer ?
  4. Your weirdest quirk ?
  5. Do you nod while answering to someone in the phone instead of saying it out loud ?
  6. Chocolate or ice cream?
  7. Have you ever eaten a chalk (the one we use to write on the black boards) ?
  8. One of the weirdest names you have ever heard ?
  9. How long can you not blink your eyes ?
  10. You are playing arm wrestling with a kid (for simplicity , let us say the kid is below 5 years) , will you lose just to make them feel happy ?

The incident behind the question

Do you want a chocolate ? Bournville ?

Yes I do


(gets the chocolate bar and realizes something is wrong with it…its too soft)

Hey… that’s cheating…it’s not a chocolate…does it have paper inside ? (after verifying the wrapper) how did you stick it back? It does look like brand new, unless I touch it.

That is something I am working on. How to get the size and the shape of the chocolate using a paper or a cardboard perfectly.


I can give it to others and see how they react when they open it.

That’s cheating!!! Why don’t you at least put wafers inside it so that at least they will end up getting something out of it!

In that case they will be disappointed more than cheated. 

Don’t you think that would be a better option?

May be for you, I prefer to do the latter. 

That was the conversation between me and my friend that triggered the post ‘What would be your option?

Pretty pathetic isn’t. All of that for a chocolate. But I realized after talking to him about other such situations, that I don’t like cheating. Not that I haven’t done it (not in matters that really mattered at least) but if I had the option to either cheat or disappoint someone, I rather disappoint them. Because if they know me, they would understand, and I don’t care for people who don’t know / understand me to know why I prefer that way. And cheating involves lies, which is very difficult to keep up. I know I will definitely slip up one way or the other…so why bother!

Thank you so much to all those who responded for that post. And sorry for the delay in the update because work caught up with me.

On another note, I got this cool USB based light for when I have to work at nights at my laptop. Its called Astro Boy! Its so cute and cool. Check it out.


SoCS: Wealth of Information

Information is wealth. This is a line we hear very often. How much of these information is converted to a useful knowledge? How much information can we retain to make a decision? How can we actually verify if an information that is deduced from the raw data available is actually the right one? Who validates them? I have had these questions for quite some time. So here I am, putting out these questions as part of today’s SoCS post 🙂

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Cosmic Musicology: Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name

Time for this week’s Cosmic Musicology by Steve.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers:

I’m so proud of…?   Sara Bareilles – Brave 

Brave huh? Actually I am. I am proud of being brave enough to wade through the muddy waters of life and trying to make it through. 

I’m so ashamed of…? Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire

I don’t know what or how to make sense of this song as the answer…..I don’t want any real fire anyway near me. I only know of one thing I am ashamed of and it wasn’t due to any ‘real’ fire.  

My guilty pleasure is…? Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Changes

My guilty pleasure is the way my genre of book changes depending on my mood. Is that really an answer ? Well, I can’t think of any thing else 😉