Fangirl – Sweet

I read a review of this book , Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, here. I have been eyeing the books Eleanor and Park and this for some time, but didn’t work out to really get to it. That post made me to. Even one review in Amazon told me before hand that I would like it , because it said, if you like John Green and Sarah Dessen’s book’s then you will like this too. I should say upfront, I loved it. It was so so sweet. I was reading another series (which I will write about once I am done with it) and took this in between and am now glad that I completed it , even if I had to forgo my sleep for so many hours.

It is this cute young adult fiction which is based on fan-fiction writing. People who have been reading Harry Potter or even Twilight know a lot about fan fiction. Hell, I have read one when the last book of Harry Potter was about to come out and I really thought that it was the original story. Fooled me. Sometimes they are that good 🙂

Spoiler Alert:

This is the story of twins Cath & Wren (split from Catherine) among whom Cath is the fan-fiction author for Simon Snow Series (loosely based on Harry Potter and the Wizarding world). Wren is her beta reader and on and off co-author. They come to a new college and start staying in separate dorms. Cath is totally out of her place because she was never away from Wren and Wren sort of cuts her out to live her own life. Cath is very shy and nervous among people but she is a spit fire when it comes to her fiction writing. She writes to just disappear.  She gets a up-to-date-and-cut-to-the-chase roommate Reagan, who sort of likes Cath even though they are worlds apart. Levi, Reagan’s ex boyfriend but close friend befriends her in his own way. He is this i-am-all-nice-and-smiles guy to whom Cath couldn’t just be rude. She also has a writing partner Nick who sort of uses her for his story writing because she is very good at that. Wren and Cath drift away which makes Cath sad and her dad has his usual problems by living in his own self, now that there is no one to care for him anymore. Their mom had left them when they were very young and Cath is not ready to reconcile with her, even though Wren is trying to give her a chance. Among the new life, Cath tries to keep up her fan-fiction writing so as to fall in line with the release of the next book. What happens in that year is the story is all about. How Cath and Levi get together, Wren finds her hold after a series of mistakes, the way they make up with their mom (not Cath though), how their father finds himself together and finally how Cath completes her fiction and her classes.

It was real cute story, no big drama, no heart wrenching things, all that innocence, even though there were sad moments, it was between the sisters and how they cope up. If you had sister(s) you would know that,  all that is part of the sibling lives. All it takes is a hug and a smile to sort things out. I really like how Levi slowly creeps in to Cath’s world even without her knowing. Also how Cath is portraying a gay couple in her fan fiction which is a total 180 from the original story of Simon Series. How the whole story is interwoven with the fan fiction story of Cath. You almost get two stories for the price of one 🙂

I will always miss Harry Potter. It was or rather is my second love.But reading this story with that fan-fiction now makes me want to go through it again. If you want a simple and sweet story with first love and all, along with a taste of fan-fiction and some bizzare wizarding clips in between, you should definitely read this. I think I might go and get the other books of the same author sometime and complete them too.