Raja Rani – Stylish Remix

Raja Rani – a movie I wanted to watch, as I had mentioned in my other post (about its music). To start with, I should say I was slightly disappointed. The film was made very stylishly, no doubt. It looked fresh and all. It starts with the tag line, ‘There is love even after love failure’. Well, that captures anyone isn’t. But then what disappointed me?

  1. This is about two people who had love failures (the girl who lost her love because he was a coward and the guy who lost his love because she died in an accident) and how their life as husband and wife starts with nothing but loathing for each other and then you know how it goes. Technically, this movie has three love stories. Love Story of Regina , Love Story of John and Love Story of Regina and John. Too much for a movie isnt. There have been movies in English which has had many love stories in a single script like ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘New Year’s Eve’ etc…but again they also do not make it to the good list, they too were average. And in Tamil, we have songs and dances for each pair, so it sort of loses the concentration of the actual and lasting love story i.e. that of Regina and John , the married couple.
  2. To show how forward and independent the modern day girl is, Regina need not have to swear like she does in this movie. Who ever gave that idea to the director.
  3. To fall in love based on the story of someone’s past is something I cannot agree at all. Just because these both conveniently had problems with their love in the past does that make them a candidate for love. Doesn’t being married and starting the life on a clean slate mean anything to them ?
  4. I am confused now on what constitutes a love failure. In John’s story, he loses his wife (his lover whom he marries suddenly in a temple) to an accident. Does that mean he failed in his love? In Regina’s story, she believes that her lover committed suicide (later we come to know he wasn’t brave enough to oppose his parents and marry her so he spins the story of his suicide which she believes) does that mean she had a love failure? , at least unless she comes to know that he is still alive ?
  5. Arya acting all nice and goody, come on. It looked too sweet and I just couldn’t digest it ๐Ÿ™‚ and fyi: I love sweets.
  6. Why does this remind me of Mouna Ragam , a LOT.

Now that I have listed my reasons for the disappointment, here are the things that worked for me in this movie

  1. Nayanthara’s come back after quite a ย break. She looks very cute as usual and her chemistry with Arya is nice but not like the Boss Engira Bhaskaran.
  2. Songs looked good to watch but again nothing to take home
  3. Nazriya is suddenly everywhere in so many movies. And she looks very cute and bubbly.
  4. Some of the romance scenes were nice and fresh

Nothing like what I had expected. I wouldn’t have minded a total remake of Mouna Ragam with the modern settings (even though the feelings will still remain the same), but this sort of muddled the water too much and left with a void feeling. So yeah, if you want a time pass, go for it. But don’t expect much from it.

Raja Rani – Music : Views

The movie Raja Rani got of to a start with a big rumor that the lead pair got married ๐Ÿ™‚ (of course, it was all in the movie). I like this pair. They were sort of cute even in Boss Engira Bhaskaran.

I haven’t liked any of G. V Prakash’s recent tunes. But this one was much better than those.

The symphony ‘A Love for Life’ is not my usual kind of music. I mostly prefer them with lyrics, but this sounded good. But kind of felt like I have heard it somewhere.

I would never associate Shakthisree Gopalan’s voice for Nayanthara !!! I am having trouble imagining it, but let us see how it comes out in screen. This song ‘Angnyaade’ย is nice and can come to a repeat performance in my playlist ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Chillena’: I felt like this was again heard somewhere (felt like some Bollywood remake)

‘Imaye Imaye’: Felt like two male voices were singing. But passes muster. Sort of a proposal song.

‘Oday Oday’ , ‘Unnale’ & ‘Hey Baby’:ย  Rejected

Score for this is 2.5/7. Hope I like some songs when I see with in the movie and I am planning to watch this movie once it is out. Here is the trailer.