WPC: Security

In South Indian villages, there is this concept of Guardian Spirits or Guardian Gods who are located at the entrance of every village. It is believed that these spirits/gods guard the village from evil, more like providing spiritual security to the villagers. This one was taken in a small village on the way to Rameshwaram.


WPC: Narrow

I wonder what I should post about for this photography challenge!

Should I tell you about how winded we were when we had to climb this short but very narrow and steep part of a Tea Estate in Munnar (we had to go up and wait for the others to join.One lady almost gave up half way)narrow1.JPG

Or how scared I was to do that steep and narrow climb of the Tower in Alcazar of Segovia and not to mention a little bit claustrophobic too(this was my first outing after my ankle fracture. I didn’t want to break anything anymore)


Or should I tell you about the wide space but narrow pathways on the way from Rameshwaram to Dhanush Kodi where you really really want to stick to those narrow pathways made by all those jeeps because that is your only route out. And that too, you might want to come back on time, otherwise those pathways would be erased by the sea tide and you might be stranded in that nowhere.



SL-WEEK: Women


“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.”
― Ariana Dancu

PS: Taken in Rameshwaram, on the way back from Dhanushkodi (the southern tip of India).
Posted for Sylvain’s photo challenge of the week: Women

Rameshwaram – from a distance


For this week’s entry for Julie’s Travel Photo of the Week, here is a photograph of Rameshwaram‘s temple taken from another temple called Kodanda Ramar Temple on the way to Dhanushkodi. It was a hot afternoon and we were coming back to Rameshwaram after a trip to Dhanushkodi when we stopped at the Kodandaramar temple on the way. I love this view.

Here is a map of how the places are placed. If you ever happen to be in South India, do make a visit to this small island and to the tip of the land called Dhanushkodi.


WPC: Afloat

Fishermen afloat a small boat for their early morning catch in Rameshwaram.


Reusing an already published photograph: Ice cubes floating on a Chocolate Martini.