Profane Rant

I generally avoid using curse words / profanity while speaking. That means, I definitely say them in my mind. I am just a little conscious of it while I speak because I don’t ever want to slip up in front of my nieces or nephew. Trust me, they are at an age where I end up explaining each and every single thing I say. And they do look up to me a lot and follow my mannerisms (because they like me a lot too 😉 ) So I make sure that I never get into the habit of using profanity ever. And the few times I had missed, I managed to silence the whole room. Having said that, I really hate it when the TV, especially the music channels, try and mute the curse /profanity based words in a song.  It is not that people don’t use it in their day to day life. If the intention is to make sure to not create enough damage well, in that case, just do not play the song at all. You cannot watch Hateful Eight or Pulp Fiction ever if you want to mute those words on TV. It would be so odd having to hear a beep or a mute every few minutes (or is it seconds?)

Some songs aren’t the same without those words. Here are some of the examples (and these are explicit versions, so if you are not a fan of EDM and curse words etc… you shouldn’t be listening to these) I have heard the clean version of the songs (for those that are available) and they just aren’t the same. Obviously, I won’t be playing these in front of my nieces and nephew but atleast I should be able to hear it without hearing ‘hhhhhmmm’ instead of the f*** word. For e.g. it comes in the “This Summer’s gonna hurt like a hhhhhmmmhmmmm” When I heard it the first time, I wasn’t sure what it meant. Hurt like a what?
Hardwell feat. Harrison – Sally

AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt

In my Zumba class, my instructor would rather have a clean version of a song instead of using the one with those words. Example Nicki Minaj’s Starships. The clean version just mutes the f*** word a little bit. Everyone who comes to the class is above 18 and in between a heavy workout, almost everyone uses the f*** word out loud to express how intense the song choreo was. I might as well have the song with the explicit version so that I can voice it out while doing the workout (and it won’t be heard anyway 😉 )

What brought this on? Deadpool. That guy really does it 😛 We might watch it this weekend, but it will be censored heavily here in India. And that pisses me off very badly.

Colossus: We can’t allow this, Deadpool.
Deadpool: I don’t have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus! Besides, nobody’s getting hurt!


Monday Blues and Heat

How am I feeling today? Today being a Monday and the day already starting with some meetings (urgh!). I guess you already know. And add the heat to it….


It may not sound much… its just 29 right? Hasn’t touched 30 yet. But trust me, it feels like 34 already. Just last week it was around 24. Welcome to the tropical weather 🙂 At least this weather gives me some incentive to visit and work from office (for the air conditioning) but then the moment I step out of it, the heat hits me hard. And have you noticed that when it is really hot, how we try and make ourselves stand just below the fan in the elevators/lifts, sort of push everyone and make sure to secure a good position inside the elevator and during the cold season we try and step away from it and stand huddled in one corner? I was wondering how people sort of left the area around the fan inside the lift just last week and today everyone wants a piece of the cold air.

During the winter, I sort of forget how harsh the heat from the Sun in Summer (or even the beginning of it) can be. We do have Sun during winter too, but it was mild, dry but never harsh, pricking your skin and causing heat boils. Well, this is going to be a very hot summer from what I can already feel. Need to rearrange my wardrobe and pack away all the jumpers and sweatshirts. And guess what, just across the country, in the North, its so cold and foggy that flights are being cancelled. Nature indeed is a very mysterious thing isn’t.

Meetings and Anarchy

Might be categorized as Rant

I really hate my official conference calls and meetings. It always runs more than the scheduled time. Never has it ever started or ended on time. And it is always in a state of anarchy within a few minutes of it starting. Especially when there are top folks are involved. They never seem to read the emails which are sent with the updates. They would want people to explain the status email update and waste everyone else’s time. What is the point of the email then? I always try and excuse myself from these meetings unless it is a blocking issue. But this week, they pulled me into some blocking issues and meetings to resolve them and all I kept seeing was pure chaos. Not that the issues weren’t resolved, but the meetings were a disaster. With their funky and swanky smart phones and email and all official apps configured to keep track of the projects in their finger tips, I wish these people would read their emails before coming to the meetings. But I know it is a wish that will never be fulfilled.

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One extra day, but still …

I was talking to my friend and was telling him about the holiday that is coming up this week Friday (Pongal festival, for which I ain’t going home) and then about the one on 26th (Republic day) and how nice it is that both of them are on a weekday, thus earning brownie points from me (I love holidays on a weekday, don’t you? ) and he  (not an Indian, obviously) was like, ‘how many holidays do you guys even have’. I was telling him that this is one benefit of being secular and celebrating festivals of all religions 😉

Every year, the second half of the year is always filled with holidays, right from July (starting with Ramzan) until December (ending with Christmas) there are one too many holidays every month. And if they happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday, the better. Long weekends, less leave to apply for a vacation 😉 Possibilities galore. The first half of the year doesn’t have as many holidays as the second half. But this year, in spite of it being a leap year (not that it means anything, except that we have one extra day and I wish they declare that as an official holiday from here on, at least for people who want to follow traditions ) all the prominent holidays that usually earn us weekday holidays in the second half of the year fall on a Sunday. WTH. Gandhi Jayanthi – Oct 2 – Sunday, Diwali – Oct 31 – Sun, Christmas – Dec 25 – Sunday, The next New Year is also on a Sunday. At the least we still have Ganesh Chaturthi – Sep 5 – Monday, Independence Day – Aug 15 – Monday, Dussera – Oct 11 – Tuesday, Ramzan – Jul 6 – Wednesday. So it isn’t an utter and total disappointment, but still, I would have loved to have the rest of them too on a weekday. And my birthday also falls on a Sunday 😦 Not a fine year for holidays, no sir.

SoCS: Rant about Resurgence

I really wasn’t going to rant about this, but then Linda gave me an opening and I couldn’t resist. I think you would all remember the movie Independence Day. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was a fun. Fun in a way where there were less number of movies at that time about aliens attacking us and us fighting them and winning the same. Its been 10 years since I think. And after innumerable movies where we have seen the same aliens, even though the shape, size and cruelty of each of them varied, attack our beloved Earth and us scrambling for heroes, sometimes one and other times many, who would save our planet restoring the faith in humanity and our ability to get together as one when in need. When I went to the movie Point Break (a very average movie, except for some amazing stunts), I saw the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). If in case you have missed the trailer, here it is for you.

I am all for movies promoting humanity and all the stuff, trust me I watch enough emotional drama based movies, but this alien thing is getting really very boring. If we are investing so much studying about Mars, Moon etc and want to use them for our own use then shouldn’t we be bothered about it if some alien attacks those planets too? Don’t get me started on poor Pluto. I am still not sure if it is in or out. I have never been a big fan of alien based movies. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch them, but limit myself to ones that have enough masala in it (in other words, which are the commercial entertainer). Its gonna be the same story with respect to Independence Day isn’t. Except that the villain got a lot bigger and hence the production value. I am gonna skip this movie for sure, not even if I am really really bored. The trailer itself is more than enough for me. Why is this movie resurged after 10 years? Don’t they have enough good scripts? Well, I know I am not spending my money on this one.

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