A-Z Book List: H for Honor

Jeffrey Archer: One of my cousins is a huge fan of this author. I remember how she wanted to get one of his latest books the day it was released. Her father, my uncle, is also a huge fan and so the father-daughter duo always takes turn to read the books and obviously the daughter gets the first chance. I am not a big fan of political drama and even though this father-daughter duo did convince me that unless I have read Kane and Abel my life isn’t complete (I am exaggerating it a little bit here…but well, that is how it did feel by the way they were convincing me about that book) I haven’t yet found the time or the mood to get to that book. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t read his other works. The person who started me on these fictions when I started working, had a couple of Jeffrey Archer’s novels and I did read them during my early days of reading.

Name: Honor among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Historical Fiction, Suspense.

One of the very few books of Archer’s that I have read. The others were “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less”, “Shall we tell the President”, “As the Crow Flies”.  This does take place after the Gulf War and the story is very political in nature and is about how the defeated party is trying to outsmart the victorious one and how it is contained by the mighty powers, with the help of some intelligent and smart people. Since I am not interested in Politics that much, as far as the story goes, it was OK. It did keep me engaged. But among the ones I have read, I really really liked ‘As the Crow Flies’. I don’t know why. Even though that book was so huge (and I did remember wondering why it was going on and on and on) I sort of ended up liking that story more than this one. And I still haven’t touched the one that was suggested in the first place. ‘Kane and Abel’ and ‘The Prodigal Daughter’, but for some reason, I read ‘Shall we tell the President’, which is the third book in the series. My uncle was shocked that I read the third one without reading the other two. What can I say? It was the only one that my friend had at that time and I read it. Will I ever read Kane and Abel? I guess it will be on my to-read list with many other such famous and good books that I have planned on reading, probably in my old age.
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SoCS: Reading is Easy

I am adding this at the beginning this time because of the challenge as part of this week’s post

Posting it for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt

This week’s prompt will be slightly more of a challenge, should you choose to accept. Your prompt is to include the word read (present tense), read (past tense) or red. The extra challenge? Publish without reading. Just do your best while you write, then make a really squinty face and pluck up the courage to hit that button. If you’re brave enough to do it, make sure you tell us you’re going to at the end of your post.

OK, so here it goes.

Reading is something that was never in our growing up agenda. So when I took to reading , mostly fiction, when I started work, I got addicted. But it also opened up a whole new world for me and I used to wonder how it would have been if I had this habit growing up. But I am very glad that my sister realized it much earlier and she is already encouraging my nephew, 3+ years now, into reading. Of course he can’t read anything now, but he loves books and he would always ask his mom or if I am there, me , to read it for him. The only thing I am not particularly happy about it sometimes is that he would expect me to weave him new stories on the fly about something he thinks of. He would go ‘Aunty, tell me a story about the sheep’. Well, at least with those Aesop fables I have read, I can recollect a story here and there and tell him. But then when he says, tell me a story about the fly, that is when I get into trouble. I am surprised by the way my sister is able to handle it. She is able to mix and match stories and finally she comes up with something convincing. But I always sit blank when he asks me like that. My creative capacity is nothing to write about. Not only that he has also started telling his own stories now that he can form words. He started speaking very recently but very fluently. And he doesn’t want to stop 🙂 which is nice because he has all those fancy little stories that he tells us and he is happy with himself too about it. I think I have gone on about long enough now. Ah ! one more thing. He loves red cars. Thought I will use that word too 😉 And yes, that has got everything to do with Lightning McQueen in Cars movie and may be the fact that we own a red chevy also might have added fuel to his fascination. Because all he ever buys are red cars.

OK. Now that I am done, I am gonna go ahead and press publish and I seriously hope that it isn’t bad. God help me and those who read this 🙂