Red across the sky

Its official. I am going crazy while I am reading this series (ASOIAF). It is so so hard for me to resist myself from reading about something related to this, just to quench my curiosity. Damn! I just completed my 2nd book (again in a week). I am going to rant a teeny tiny bit here. What a stupid, idiotic, bloody half-wit Theon Greyjoy is. My fingers were itching to smack him hard by the end of the book. OK, I feel a little better. Need to start the next one by Sunday evening or Monday, but am sure to not complete it in a week, because I will be on a vacation (keeping my 20 fingers crossed).

When I was reading about the ‘Red Comet’ which starts occurring in the 2nd book, I remembered a photograph I took in Tossa De Mar, Spain, one fine very early morning while I was trying to capture a sunrise. Could it have looked like this ? I wonder ?