Show it short and sweet!!!

Irrespective of the format, whether its a 200-500+ paged book or a 2:30 hr movie or a short film of < 5 mins, a love story is always pleasant to read, hear or watch. But among all the three formats, the last one, short films, is the trickiest, according to me. To deliver a punch in such a short span of time requires more creativity. Here is a list of such movies I got to watch recently.

Oktapodi (English) : A short film about love and action. Its very very cute. Even in 2:26 minutes you can show and tell so much of action? Wow… The two octopus are just too cute. – The best of the lot. I was dumbstruck after watching this for some time…. very good job 😀

The Lonely Bachelor:  Story about an unrequited love and how he turns from a lonely bachelor to a lover.


Regional Movie Updates

Some quick updates on regional movies I recently watched.

Yennai Arindhaal (Tamil)

Watched this movie of Ajith (one of my favorite actors in Tamil Cinema) when I went to my home town. Went for a night show with my siblings. Overall it was a good movie but it was a little slow. Ajith has aged 😦 and Trisha looks very beautiful. But the one that steals the show is Arun Vijay. He has done a pretty good job as the villain. Good job. I like Gautam Menon (the director)’s depiction of love and romance. It is always a little different. In this too, he shows the love between a single mother and a cop , which is not very common in Tamil movies. But Anushka wasn’t that impressive and I wonder why the first song was in at all. The movie goes back and forth in time a little bit and that is a little confusing but then that is Gautam’s usual style too. Songs werent that impressive. Forgot them as soon as we left the theater. If only they had did some editing and made it a little faster, it would have been awesome.

Roy (Hindi)

Saw this over this weekend with a friend. The concept of the movie was good but it was too bloody slow. I almost fell asleep in some parts. It is about the parallel’s of a director and screen writer’s life and that of his character Roy’s. How their lives are entwined and how one woman plays a very important part in both of their characters is what the story is about. I really liked it to be honest. But it could have been a lot more fast paced. Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor, two good looking men and the trailer, that is what exactly got both of us ladies  to the theaters. Jacqueline looks part Priyanka and part Sunny Leone. Acting wise there isn’t much to say, but I would definitely give credit for the screenplay and the story line. And it is sad that on a Valentine’s day this movie was only half filled, especially with such a star cast.