Vacation – what’s your definition?

For my nieces and nephew, it means

  • eating as much junk food (courtesy: their adorable aunt … (coughs) that is me, of course)
  • Playing the Wii games almost the whole day
  • Going to a park or a mall in the evening (compulsory…) and the parks and malls should be different each day
  • sleep in late and wake up whenever they want
  • no reading or writing
  • never telling rhymes or stories, except for the ones that appear on the TV
  • buy and play with as many toys as possible and not bother to keep them in their own place
  • fight with each other and increase the blood pressure of their respective parents 😉 (with some help from their aunt)

For me,

  • No work
  • Waking up early to enjoy the nature (I tend to sleep in during work days 😉 , don’t question the reason behind these)
  • Eating pastries and snacks and putting on a little bit of weight
  • taking as many photographs as possible
  • Walking around places and just enjoying life
  • No phone (I tend to not use my phone during my vacation time except maybe to take photographs)
  • People watching
  • Watching sunrise and sunset whenever and wherever possible

What is yours?




After a fun filled vacation and lots and lots of tanning (can’t really make it out what with my skin already very wheatish in color) I am not really very happy to be back 😦 because who would want to be back from a fun vacation and get back to the normal grind of life right ? But then as Rumi said ‘Travel brings power and love back to your life’ and it did. I have to be back to work on my next vacation and to prepare for my next adventure 🙂 So here I am!
Will catch up with the posts sooner, once I get over my travel lag. See you all soon with lots of photographs and stories.

Half Moon Bay – El Granada , Pillar Point

I have always loved the Half Moon Bay in California. So many beaches , small towns and light houses in between. This time, my first trip, once I got my rental, was to the Surfer’s beach (also called as El Granada Beach) along with the Pillar Point Harbor next to it. There weren’t as many surfer’s as I would have liked and the wind and tides weren’t in favor too. But that did not stop me from enjoying a very quiet time at the beach watching kids and the dogs play. Some kids were trying so hard to try to be on the surf board. It was a pity that the day wasn’t that conducive.

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SoCS – Going away

I will take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be away for almost a month in May because I will be doing my yearly vacationing that time. This time my journey is to a place I have already been on official visits. Yup, I am going to USA, specifically to San Francisco. 3 weeks of relaxing and probably some small trips (I hope I do Vegas this time again, with friends 😉 ) Usually, I will be planning like mad but this time I am not. I am just gonna take the day as it comes and since I am going to be staying with friends, there will be no dearth of fun. I have a wedding to attend to too.

Things that I would love to do are a) eat a BIG icecream at Ghirardelli square b) do an adventure sport (skydiving or paragliding anything that is thrilling) c) Go to Drake’s beach and Point Reyes again, at least to show that wonderful place to my friends (who are travelling with me and who even though have been in SFO, haven’t gone there yet) and there is one more thing I need to do, but will let you know once I do it… (I know if I do it, my mom is gonna freak out on me 😉 )

But before that, I am eagerly waiting for my nieces and nephew who are gonna come down to my town for their vacation and spend some time with me before I leave for my vacation. Some fun times coming up.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

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Feeling boxed up

After waking up to views like this for three days, I feel so boxed up, now that I am back home 😦

Panoramic view of the Resort
Meeting point of the resort

More photographs of the trip coming up shortly.