SoCS: re the prompt

The SoCS prompt for this week reminded me of a particular conversation that happened during our last week’s (i.e. Saturday’s) day trip. While on our way to Chitradurga, my friends were trying to remember why the route felt particularly familiar. Then they recalled that we went through the same route to our last year’s Goa trip, which happened at the end of Sept (I didn’t remember it because I was fast asleep and it was a night drive). He said he remembered a spot in the highway. When my other friend asked about it, he said ‘well, I had to pee very urgently and I remember using the spot behind that boulder over there’.  Gross, but then she said , ‘why do you reminisce such a thing’ and to that he said, ‘ I didn’t reminisce, I just remembered’. I reckon that would be enough for today 🙂

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the prefix, re-.  Add whatever you want to the end of it and away you go!

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