Wordless Wednesday




This is the early morning Sunrise photograph from the entrance of our hotel before we checked out yesterday.  I am yet to catch up on a lot of stuff and have some cool stuff to show you.  Will post them in the coming days. Back to the normal daily grind. 

God and Calling

“The reality is that the Lord never calls the qualified; He qualifies the called.”
― Henry T. Blackaby

PS: Posted for Julie’s Travel photo of the week. Saw this Buddha along with the phone at Sokkhak Boutique Resort, the hotel in Siem Reap where we stayed during our vacation. Couldn’t resist posting this with the quote 🙂

Have a great week ahead!



After a fun filled vacation and lots and lots of tanning (can’t really make it out what with my skin already very wheatish in color) I am not really very happy to be back 😦 because who would want to be back from a fun vacation and get back to the normal grind of life right ? But then as Rumi said ‘Travel brings power and love back to your life’ and it did. I have to be back to work on my next vacation and to prepare for my next adventure 🙂 So here I am!
Will catch up with the posts sooner, once I get over my travel lag. See you all soon with lots of photographs and stories.

Feeling boxed up

After waking up to views like this for three days, I feel so boxed up, now that I am back home 😦

Panoramic view of the Resort
Meeting point of the resort

More photographs of the trip coming up shortly.