Now that Oscars are nearing let me finish my views on a couple of movies, which I did see but never found time to write about them.

  • The H8ful Eight:  I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino and his choice of music for his films. So I was quite excited to watch this movie. First off, loved the music of this movie. Truly amazing. No doubt about it at all. With respect to the movie, it has three parts (as most of you all know already). I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it until it came to the second half of the 2nd part. Just because I was sure that there would be a definite twist later I did manage to put up with it. Could have been a bit shorter? But then when the twist happened, I was totally surprised. I try to not reveal any spoilers if I can help it, so I am not going into the story as such. But it was a pleasant surprise 😉 even though it didn’t last for long. Damn! In his movies, it is very important to concentrate on the dialogues to find any  giveaways from the characters which might help you unravel the mystery earlier. And this is no different. I liked the movie, not his best I should say, but that’s OK. I wasn’t expecting his best anyway. Music – top class. 
  • The Revenant: After hearing very good reviews about this movie, finally got around to watching it. It has Leonardo DiCaprio after all. The story is good, its about survival, revenge, grit, pain, loss etc…But for some reason, it did not kindle any emotion for me. I kept wondering why and I haven’t found the answer still. The art direction, the cinematography are all very good. And was glad about the ending too. But for such a movie, I thought it would make me feel the protagonist’s pain. Hell, I felt a sort of sympathy for Leo’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street and nothing in this. That’s a shame isn’t.
  • Joy: I watched this only for the sake of J-Law. And it was worth it. She was a dynamite. Loved her performance. But couldn’t actually accept her as an old woman at the end (oops, I guess that is a spoiler) Be it pain, happiness, frustration, confusion…she got to show a whole set of emotions in this movie and emerges as a strong person too. I guess most people will watch it just for her and she does stand out among the whole cast, which also includes Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramirez etc.