Of Times and Bikes

There was a time when the number of Bullets (it’s a kind of motorbike, people) in Bangalore roads were so less that you can figure them out when it passes you by, just by that sound…Wanna know how it sounds? Well, this is from Royal Enfield people themselves. And no wonder they call it their ‘Sound of Music’ ūüôā

There were other such bikes, much lesser in cost (when compared to Royal Enfield’s Bullet) but equally popular, like KTM, Avengers¬†etc. ¬†There are clubs belonging to the owners and riders of these bikes. They are called Bulleteers¬†or India Bull Riders¬†and these are just two of them. There are so many. I have seen some groups during my trip to Goa, Coimbatore, LePakshi, Chitradurga etc. They just zoom in their bikes with that sound, and there is always a gang. I should admit that it sounds sexy on a highway (and it might definitely feel sexy when you drive them , something I wouldn’t know). But definitely not on the regular city roads, when you have a Bullet next to your car and making that noise, driving you crazy.

And what was earlier a luxury has turned into a normal thing with so many of these bikes roaming around in the city. Don’t know for sure if the people have started earning so much that they can afford this or if the bike companies have started to model it in a way so as to cater to this hip and upcoming market out here . It’s probably the combination of both. But the charm and the awww-ness that was there earlier, when we used to see these bikes, is lost. I might sound like a jealous person who hasn’t got a bike and hence complaining about the rest of them who does have it. I think I am a bit jealous ūüôā because I love bikes and would love to learn to ride them.¬†But it isn’t just that. It is the feeling that you get when too much of something spoils its preciousness.

I love riding my two wheeler , even if it is just a scooter. It gives me a sense of freedom that the car doesn’t give. There are pros and cons of each. And I guess if I can feel that way for my scooter, it might be 100% more for a¬†bike like Bullets, KTMs etc. All I am worried is that it will be just another bike in a matter of 5-10 years from now and not that special bike which I would have loved to ride through those dry mountains of Leh.

I got what I wanted, but …

What happens when I tell my friends  (guys) who are already shopping for watches and stuff like that , that I need an helmet for my scooter? I get this.


Looks like a star wars helmet when I wear it. Women in my gym look at me as if I have gone crazy wearing that big helmet and sitting on that small scooter and when I tell my friends about it, they say ‘we are worried about your head’! Hmmm..

And what do I get when I ask my brother to lend me his bike to learn, I get this.


My nephew’s play toy bike. Boys and their toys!!!

I need a real bike to learn to ride and use that big helmet I have got. Wonder when that will happen!?

Shotgun Riding

Do you like to ride shotgun ? I do, especially when someone is driving very fast and the windows are down and the wind is blowing on the face making your eyes tear up and the hair falling all over your face. I just love that. Looks like some of these animals enjoy it too. Check it out.


Even though each and every picture was cute and adorable, the ones I really enjoyed are

34 – Such a cutey.

31 & 22 & 21  РI love the way the wind blows their fur. Very lovely and cute (of course)

16 Р Awwww!!!

7 – Looks like a sort of grown up

30 – Look at the awe in that face.

and 3 – planet of the apes.