Beautiful People

I have always thought that these two (i.e. Sia and Rihanna) sound very much alike. I used to confuse the songs between them. Now this song (I am not sure if it really is a leaked one by David Guetta or not…there are some question on that) confirms that.

This is what you came for

The original is on the top charts now and I kind of like it. But I loved this Table remix cover 🙂 She also has a great voice and I love listening to her mashups and covers.

Steve’s Music Mix: Is The Answer In The Question Or Is The Question In The Answer…?

Time for this week’s Steve’s Music Mix, a little late in the game.


Why does it always rain on me?   B.O.B – So Good

That is definitely not an answer is it ? Nevertheless, I don’t mind it at all. Its all so good. I remember those times when I used to go to the terrace and try to get drenched. Nowadays all I see is watch those drops trickle down in my car window. 


Where is the Love? Rihanna – We Found Love

Oh my God !!!   


How will I know? LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Yeah, how will I know if there is a party unless you tell me ? I guess Steve just posted that there is a Party at Suzie’s 🙂 in one of his recent posts. Would have to check it out.