Historical Romances

Past three weeks I have been indulging in some historical romances, which is my favorite go-to genre in between work, inter-city travel, and looking after my niece. Here are a few of them. Of course, these are free on Kindle Unlimited. All of them were an enjoyable read. I gave all of them 3 stars on Goodreads.


Definitely not the one sung by Zayn, even though Jimmy Fallon did a good and funny lip sync of that song, I am not a fan of it. I am not sure when and where I found this song, but I absolutely love this lady’s voice. She has such powerful voice. You should hear her sing about ‘Simple Things‘ too. Amazing voice and beautiful songs.

This song ‘No More PillowTalk’ is about broken romances. The choreography of this video is also quite unique and done very beautifully. She and her songs deserve more views than what they are now. I would love to see her rise in the music scene with more hits.

Lyrics were from her YouTube video description.

We lay,
All the way down,
Like the world has fallen off the universe.
I told you every story that I’d ever done,
What is just a story for another one, gives a lesson to you.
Take it and run.

Why, why do I care?
Why, why do I try?

No more pillow talking.
No more pillow talking.

I used to have a drink when we got home,
it always took the fear out of my mind.
I’ll never have the chance to forget you,
Cuz you are in my life for the long ride.
I used to be a sinner baby, I had that fire in my eyes.
I’m done with pillow talking,
Cuz all your promises are lies.

Why, why do I care?
Why, why do I try?

Oh, No more pillow talking.
No more pillow talking.
I said, No more pillow talking.
Oh, No more pillow talking.
This is your last beginning, you said enough already, it’s too late for that.
Oh, this is your last beginning, you said enough already. It’s too late!
Oh, No more pillow talking.
No more pillow talking.
I said, No more pillow talking.
Oh, No more pillow talking.
No more pillow talking, It’s too late.
Oh, yea it’s too late.

Posting it for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday.


A-Z Book List: V for Vision

This author’s books are one that are available in abundance. They all belong to Romance and in some cases romantic suspense even. I have with me lots of her books but haven’t read them all. I used to when I was using my IPad earlier. But with Kindle Unlimited, I somehow have ventured towards Mystery, Thrillers, and Crime again with very less of Romance in between. They are always an HEA (Happy Ever After) books with a feel good tone to it. Almost like your Harlequin books.

Over to the book now. Name:

Name: Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, Fiction

This is the first book in the Bride Quartet series and yes, as the name suggests there are four books in this series. They all belong to four female friends and how they end up meeting the love of their lives. It was definitely a very quick read. And I read the whole series to get my mind off the work and the stress that comes with it. I don’t really have to think too much about these stories. The romance is always very sweet. Sometimes too sweet to digest too. But hey, that is what I look for when I pick up these books. So it wasn’t a complaint. Just stating the facts. I am not a big fan of Nora Roberts (not that she needs any more fans that she already has) but I pick up her books when I don’t have anything else available and I really really need read a book to relax. I would always pick a book over watching the TV. I gave all the series 3 stars because well, I wasn’t sure how to give 2.5 in Goodreads, so went with 3.


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I know I will be away today, but didn’t want to miss this post, so had this written yesterday night and scheduled for today. 

Straight into your arms

What an amazing and creative video and add that beautiful song to it…What’s not to like ?

A-Z Book List: O for One

Every once in a while (which is becoming more in a while nowadays) I need a book which doesn’t put too much pressure on my mind. That is when I pick up the romance genre. But even in that, they can be various levels. Some are intense, some are browsable, some hilarious and some are sure shot HEA feel good books. Depending on how I feel, I pick up (going with my gut feeling after reading the blurb of course) one. One name you will find associated with the romance genre for the feel good and HEA (Happy Ever After, just in case you didn’t know) books is Danielle Steel.

Name: One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Drama, Fiction


The friend of mine who was my supplier of books, when I started reading novels as a part time thing after work (back in 1999), had a couple of Danielle Steel books even though she was a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon (and yes, I have read almost all of his works). I remember reading a book of hers called ‘The Long Road Home‘ and feeling so depressed and sad for a day (so much for feel-good books heh!) But I do realize why my friend had that book with her. I guess I am digressing. Back to the topic. So yeah, that was when I was introduced to Danielle Steel and maybe it was that book back then that made me buy this one on a sale. I wanted a feel good love story because I was feeling so down and this was when I did not have access to e-books and such. And this book did just that. Made me feel good about love, as does a couple of her other books. I agree I haven’t read too many books of hers, but what I have read have accomplished the set goal. Tell you that love is worth it, it’s OK to have a bad phase and so on.

This story is about three people and their lives and how they find love. I gave it three stars because I wanted something out of this book and it gave me that. It is as simple as that. Recently I loaned this book to my friend’s mom and she too loved it. So far, she has loved my collection and she wants more of romance (she is about 60 years I think) but sadly I have more thrillers and mysteries than romance 😳

If I wanted a very nice relaxed contemporary love story, I would go to Danielle Steel and a couple of such authors I have found over the period of time.

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