A-Z Book List: R for Ram

I was tempted to go with ‘Redeeming Love‘ or ‘The Rosie Project‘ but then I remembered that I had already written posts on them. So I went back to my first choice, which is another epic story from the Hindu Mythology.

Name: Ramayana by C. Rajagopalachari

Genre: Hinduism, Fantasy, Spirituality, Fiction, Mythology, Classics

Rama (pronounced as Raamaa)or Ram (pronounced as Raam) is the main character of the Hindu Epic novel called Ramayana. He is the epitome of a Virtue, Self Control etc. There is no such thing as going wrong with what he does. There are no shades of gray at all, unlike Krishna even though both are incarnations of Vishnu. This story is about the eldest son of a King, Ram, who is sent on a exile by one of the stepmothers and how he, his wife, Sita, and his brother, Lakshmana, (who refused to leave his eldest brother’s side) survive the tough life with a lot of help from a lot of people in the forest and how Ravana abducts his wife to exact revenge and how Ram follows Ravana to Srilanka to rescue his wife with the able guidance and help of the Vaanar (Monkey) army which includes Hanuman.

This book is an abridged version of the story by the famous Rajaji (who was also an able politician) and I kind of liked his version which is easy and simple to read giving us the essence of the story along with some explanations on certain aspects. I do not agree with everyone on how Lord Ram is the epitome of everything that is right. My friend Sree and I used to have so many discussions on this. But let me tell you one interesting news that I read recently. In Bihar (one of the Indian States), one guy filed a case against Lord Ram, because he exiled his wife (owing to public pressure) just because she was in the custody of a man (Raavana) for a long time. It was hilarious to read this article 🙂 It might not make much sense if you don’t know the story of Ramayana. So if you fancy a mythological story just read about it in Wikipedia to get the gist of it.

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The Rosie Project – Amazing

The Rosie Project – a very addictive story of  Don Tillman, associate professor in Genetics and his incredible journey to finding his life partner through his  ‘The Wife Project’. Right from the word go, this book just grips you, with the subtle humor, the format, the style of writing, the characters, everything. It is a very light heart story about a 40 year old man having Asperger’s syndrome trying to find a wife through a well organized questionnaire. He approaches the task like he does everything else, organized and structured, only to come to know that this is one thing that might challenge even his superior analytic abilities.

As soon as I heard of Asperger’s syndrome, I did a quick check on what it actually means. I found this article, even took the test out of curiosity, and found out that our protagonist behaves exactly the same way as is described. But no where you are introduced to that fact. On the contrary, he actually lectures the impact of genetics on it. That is when I got the doubt and went for that article. It is not a laugh out loud comedy one. It has all these subtle humor in places where we don’t find generally. For e.g. He says something to Rosie and she responds the usual ‘Tell me something I don’t know’. What does Mr, sorry Dr Don Tillman do, he racks his brain and comes with something she doesn’t really know and that is something I cannot post it here, just to keep it clean 😉 So when Rosie takes his help to find who her actual biological father is, a sort of relationship starts to form between them. They are neither friends nor acquaintances, but getting there. She finds Don very refreshing and attractive too, but he doesn’t get the drift and that sets back their relationship and they continue with their ‘The Father Project’.

When the Father Project takes them to New York, that is when they really get to spend time with each other and realize that things are changing between them. Don is confused and seeks the help of his friends and making a few changes to his social behavior he finally gets her as his wife along with solving the father problem.

This is the first story I have read about a person having Asperger’s syndrome and their behavior and its relation to Autism. It was really interesting to know that. The story was interesting because it doesn’t deal with the syndrome but with how the person with the syndrome handles himself . It is a sort of positive thing, because it tells you in very direct and non-critical terms of what they are capable of and not. Not every one is perfect. But we have to compromise a few things in life when someone else is involved. The elements of compromise varies in this case, that is all.

I really really loved the character and the book.