SoCS – Going away

I will take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be away for almost a month in May because I will be doing my yearly vacationing that time. This time my journey is to a place I have already been on official visits. Yup, I am going to USA, specifically to San Francisco. 3 weeks of relaxing and probably some small trips (I hope I do Vegas this time again, with friends 😉 ) Usually, I will be planning like mad but this time I am not. I am just gonna take the day as it comes and since I am going to be staying with friends, there will be no dearth of fun. I have a wedding to attend to too.

Things that I would love to do are a) eat a BIG icecream at Ghirardelli square b) do an adventure sport (skydiving or paragliding anything that is thrilling) c) Go to Drake’s beach and Point Reyes again, at least to show that wonderful place to my friends (who are travelling with me and who even though have been in SFO, haven’t gone there yet) and there is one more thing I need to do, but will let you know once I do it… (I know if I do it, my mom is gonna freak out on me 😉 )

But before that, I am eagerly waiting for my nieces and nephew who are gonna come down to my town for their vacation and spend some time with me before I leave for my vacation. Some fun times coming up.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-jour-“: add a prefix or suffix to complete it or use it as the French word for “day.” Have fun!

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AWAW: Opaque

For this week’s Word Photography Challenge: Opaque


Part of the tower is invisible because of the opaqueness of the surrounding clouds.